Inc. 500 Company Scotlynn uses Konfigure™ Development Platform to Go Live With Custom Application in Record Time

Custom CRM and Credit Approval Software Developed 60% Faster

Aug 28, 2014, 07:00 ET from KeyedIn Solutions

MINNEAPOLIS, Aug. 28, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Scotlynn, a leading temperature-controlled transport company, recently developed and deployed a custom-built CRM and credit approval application in record time using Konfigure™, a truly disruptive Cloud-based  development platform from KeyedIn® Solutions, a leading Cloud-enablement company. Scotlynn worked with KeyedIn partner Vella Technologies to define their process requirements and create the application, cutting the traditional development timeframe by 60%.

In today's highly competitive business environment, companies are looking for ways to gain an edge over competitors, and emerging technology offers an opportunity to differentiate product or service offerings through greater efficiency and automation. Konfigure, a code-free development platform, is an excellent solution for businesses that want to create applications that are custom-built for their needs while speeding up the development lifecycle.

"Before we started using Konfigure, we bought off-the-shelf applications and asked software suppliers to enhance applications to meet our needs, but the original apps and modified versions rarely worked the way we needed them to," reports Ryan Carter, Executive Vice President, Scotlynn USA Division Inc. "Konfigure allows us to make changes and create designs to meet our exact requirements. We no longer have to settle for a less-than-perfect app or find workarounds for off-the-shelf software."

Carter says using Konfigure was the key to gaining an affordable application that would meet all of the company's requirements. Without Konfigure, Scotlynn would have had to spend more and use multiple applications to handle the same functions that the single application developed with Konfigure manages. The customized application now performs functions automatically so that employees can focus on profit-generating activities instead of manual processing.

By working with Vella Technologies to define processes and develop the application using Konfigure, the Scotlynn team was able to get development done right the first time. The customized application ensures that Scotlynn employees execute the component processes in the order the company prefers, not in an order dictated by off-the-shelf software.

"Technology can make the difference between a growing company and a stagnant business, and that's true across all industries," Carter notes. "The quicker a company can develop new solutions, the faster they can get an edge over their competitors. With Konfigure, we got a customized solution that is exactly what we need. It's easy to use, and the Vella team has been incredibly supportive."

"Unlike a traditional go-live scenario, with Konfigure, Scotlynn was able to focus on business processes instead of the development cycle," says Alex Vella, President, Vella Technologies. "Businesses don't have to waste time with lengthy development when solutions like Konfigure can expedite the process. We can now replicate this software development approach across multiple industries with unique requirements and deliver custom applications in a few months rather than years."

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About Scotlynn Commodities
Transporting perishable and temperature-sensitive commodities requires both special equipment and special expertise. Scotlynn operates over 500 pieces of equipment specializing in providing temperature-controlled transportation to manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors, throughout North America. Scotlynn has designed its business to provide high-quality, customized transportation and logistics services that allow the company to be a preferred partner or core carrier to major shippers. Scotlynn has become known for their impressive top-of-the-line equipment, an "Elite Fleet" that both drivers and clients can be proud of. Over its 20-year history, Scotlynn has become established as an integral part of the distribution system of many major organizations.

About Vella Technologies
Vella Technologies LLC, founded by Alex Vella, PMP, provides technology solutions that transform how people connect, communicate and collaborate within a highly cost effective IT environment. With over 25 years IT industry experience, Vella Technologies is ready and able to assist medium to global enterprises with moving to Cloud based systems.  Information about Vella Technologies can be found at

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