Increased Productivity in as Little as Seven Minutes a Day?

Dec 15, 2010, 13:13 ET from Infinite Mind

SALT LAKE CITY, Dec. 15, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Infinite Mind, a software company based in Salt Lake City, has released information about how their brain enhancement and speed reading program has increased overall productivity at work and in working professional's personal lives.

Infinite Mind's software program, called eyeQ™, is a series of high-speed mental imaging exercises that help increase a user's processing ability, resulting in higher reading and comprehension speeds.  The eyeQ program originated in Japan by the award-winning Dr. Akihiro Kawamura and was brought to America by businessman, Jeffrey C. Flamm.  The exercises are designed to increase brain activity and functionality by alternating between right and left brain training, with the ultimate goal to have both hemispheres of the brain work in tandem.  An independent fMRI (functional magnetic resonance imaging) study showed that after just one 7-minute session of eyeQ, activity in the left hemisphere of the brain increased by 100% and activity in the right hemisphere increased by an incredible 1500%!  Infinite Mind stated that with eyeQ, "the brain awakens and radically increases the ability to process information quickly."

Mr. Flamm began to market the eyeQ™ program in the United States through a myriad of direct sales channels, including an infomercial for the last 9 years.  EyeQ™ was originally built for struggling students, but they aren't the only ones who have seen the benefits of the programs exercises.  Business professionals nationwide, including attorneys, corporate instructors, and bankers, are all seeing the dividends that eyeQ™ can produce.  

One of the major problems in today's professional world is information overload.  Working professionals struggle to stay up to date on the rapidly changing details of their job.  David Hancock, an attorney, shares how information overload has prevented him from moving as fast as he would like.  Hancock says, "One of the biggest challenges of information overload is the variety of media coming at you. Emails are no longer personal messages, but now have attachments of what seem like unlimited reading material to sort through."  After he made the decision to purchase the eyeQ program and began using it, he then said, "The eyeQ program has paid for itself many times over in the amount of time that I have saved by accelerating my ability to process pertinent information much quicker."

Sylvia Waynick, an employee of a large national bank, stated that "…after applying these exercises daily, I am reading between 1000-1200 words per minute (beginning reading speed was 250 wpm). I am able to process much more information and retain that information. Not only have I increased my reading speed, I am much more productive in my job assignments. I have demonstrated this by completing my assignments before the due date. I have been given more responsibilities (which I welcome), because I am now able to handle a larger amount of work. I love the challenge!"

So is it true that the eyeQ program can increase your productivity at work?  Infinite Mind says it can.  They offer a demo of their program to try for free on their website for new visitors to experience the program. Infinite Mind has recently begun to offer a 90-day Performance Guarantee. The guarantee states that if the user does not double their reading speed after completing the program, they will receive their money back.  If the eyeQ™ program helps increase productivity, reading speed, and brain power as Infinite Mind claims it does, that's a risk we can all afford to take.

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SOURCE Infinite Mind