Increasing number of young adults joining college reignites debate on the most appropriate student accommodation

The increasing number of young adults joining college has reignited the debate on the most appropriate accommodation for students. According to many colleges there is a broad diversity of accommodation options available for students joining college. However, estate agents warn that different students have different priorities and standards and even this diversity may not satisfy the needs in the market. Choosing the right accommodation is just as important as choosing the right university. Paren

Feb 28, 2014, 06:00 ET from Mdhuset AS

OSLO, Norway, Feb. 28, 2014 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Real estate agents note that for students looking for a hassle free accommodation, staying at home with parents can be perfect and this is something that many parents also echo. Staying at home has a number of advantages including low costs. In addition to this, parents who still feel they need to be close to their children may prefer this option. Staying at home however is not that popular among students and a lot people argue that at this age it is important to let students stay away from home.


Campus hostels are arguably the fitting option for students who are just joining college. The student hostels are social and give students an opportunity to interact and share with a lot of other students from different backgrounds. Besides, in cases where students have to study in universities far away from home, students hostel are perfect. A lot of parents agree that student hostels are relatively affordable and if students can't stay at home, they'd rather stay in student hostels.

The standard of quality in student hostels has risen remarkably over the last decades. However for college students who feel that they are still not good enough, renting flats near the campus is recommended. Estate agents note that renting flats is not as farfetched as it seems if anything, the cost of renting a flat for an entire semester is well within the reach of many people. Flats offer a kind of privacy that promotes better studying and relaxation. Renting flats though is not for anyone and young adults considered not self –dependent enough are advised to find other accommodation options.

For students who are not comfortable with renting flats or staying in students hostels there are very few options they can take. The best solution to this would be to find relatives living closer to the University or College and stay with them. According to many estate agents, very few students stay in accommodation facilities they want. In most cases, circumstances determine where students stay but also, the options available still offer some variety to choose from.

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