Independence Day Often Highlights Need for Security Services

Courtesy patrol and understated guards from Spear Security can guarantee that holiday celebrations don't get out of hand

Jul 02, 2013, 17:27 ET from Spear Security Denver

DENVER, July 2, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- The Fourth of July always seems to come with an upswing in crime. The cause of this increase can be speculated—is it because of drinking? Large crowd dynamics? Loud noises?—but no single reason is certain. What is known, however, is that security services like courtesy patrol from Spear Security can deter vandalism, violent acts, and more this upcoming Independence Day and every day. For community events, residential complexes, retail establishments, malls, and executive security, Colorado-based Spear Security does it year-round. Nonetheless, the go-to business for security in Denver is putting an extra emphasis on Independence Day safety this season. Property damage and lives lost on this day are truly becoming an epidemic and event planners, business leaders, and property owners can take a proactive step by hiring thorough and affordable services from Spear Security.

Police on this day dedicate a large chunk of their efforts to handling violent crimes and curbing the effect of drunk drivers. This can often lead to increased response time when it comes to seemingly less-immediate offenses like theft, vandalism, and property damage. Housing managers and owners may face frustration when seeing these acts perpetrated, unsure of when help will arrive. Meanwhile, employers may report to work the following day to see their property assaulted or stolen.

Spear Security provides a wide-range of customizable protection services that can prevent these crimes just by their mere presence. A visible presence by guards with their own security vehicles from Spear Security sends a clear message to criminals and over-indulgers to move on to the next location with their tomfoolery. Plus, Spear Security's team uses the most innovative technologies to further deter crime. State of the art audiovisual equipment means that scenes can be thoroughly surveyed, protecting valuable real estate and possessions. Modern communication equipment allows for seamless teamwork between the Spear Security guards in order to maximize their effectiveness. The comprehensiveness and equipment used for each client's services from Spear Security may be perfectly tailored to their unique circumstances. Spear Security believes in offering varying packages in order to provide the most complete service possible.

The largest city in the state, Denver is a true mecca for Coloradoans looking to let loose this Fourth of July. Because of this, public events, popular bars and clubs, and concerts this evening will be faced with a huge influx of people. It's best to handle this extra burden with additional security services from Spear Security. A security escort for a VIP, crowd control services, check-in monitoring, bouncer services, and more are all available from Spear Security, whether one person or a whole team is required. Each member of the Spear Security crew is trained to be polite and efficient, and will do their best this Fourth of July to prevent rampant rowdiness.

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