Independent Report Backs Up Ahrar's Analysis of Iraq's Problems

Jan 27, 2010, 11:41 ET from Ahrar Party

WASHINGTON, Jan. 27 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The positions and policies of Ahrar Leader Ayad Jamal Aldin have been detailed in a report by international organization the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI).

In a piece written by Dr. Nimrod Raphaeli, a senior analyst at MEMRI, Mr Aldin's comments regarding the separation of religion and the state, objection to regional external influences and the political process in Iraq were all covered in detail and MEMRI agreed with the Ahrar head's analysis.

The article described Mr. Aldin's intentions as being "good and honest" and that marginalization of communities and sectarianism were being keenly felt across Iraq.

Responding to the report, Ayad Jamal Aldin said, "I am gratified by Dr. Raphaeli's assessment and agreement, but I'm eager to focus on the issues."

"With the national elections on March 7th, Iraqis have a very clear choice. They can either continue to support the politics of corruption and sectarianism which help to create security issues, or they can vote for a new start with Ahrar."

"Only by voting for Ahrar, which is a non-sectarian and secular movement, can ALL Iraqis be sure that the issues - of corruption and sectarianism which lead to security problems - will be tackled."

About Ayad Jamal Aldin

Ayad Jamal Aldin is a cleric, best known for his consistent campaigning for a new, secular Iraq. He first rose to prominence at the Nasiriyah conference in March 2003, shortly before the fall of Saddam, where he called for a state free of religion, the turban and other theological symbols. In 2005, he was elected as one of the 25 MPs on the Iraqi National List, but withdrew in 2009 after becoming disenchanted with Iyad Allawi's overtures to Iran. He wants complete independence from Iranian interference in Iraq. He now leads the Ahrar party for the 2010 election to the Council of Representatives, to clean up corruption and create a strong, secure and liberated Iraq for the future.

About the Ahrar Party

Ahrar is a political movement for all Iraqis without distinction – bringing people together to rebuild a unified Iraq.  Ahrar supporters have a common belief in Iraq's shared history and common destiny. Ahrar believes Iraq's best hope lies in the Iraqi people and not the politicians, who have failed through corruption and incompetence. Ayad Jamal Aldin and Ahrar believe in secularism and unity, regardless of religion. Ahrar was created in order to liberate Iraq's government from corruption; to liberate religion from the state; and to bring the Iraqi people together to liberate them from the tyranny of violence and poverty.

SOURCE Ahrar Party