Independent Research Shows Bodog has the Best Brand Strength in Online Gambling

Jan 06, 2010, 08:39 ET from

LONDON, January 6 /PRNewswire/ -- A report published yesterday (5th January 2010) by independent gaming consultant Josh Apiafi using Google to test the brand strength of the top 10 online gambling sites showed Bodog to be the strongest.

The other companies used in the study were: 888, bet365, Betfair, Bodog, bwin, Ladbrokes, Paddy Power, Party Poker, Pokerstars and William Hill.

Calvin Ayre, founder of the Bodog brand, stated: "When I saw this news pop up on the web my New Year hangover cleared even before I finished my breakfast Ceaser; Vodka, Clamato juice and spices. We had a hunch since I first rolled the Bodog brand and business model that we are considered interesting. But that's only part of the story - we also stand for having fun and that's what all people want, especially ones that gamble. Whether you're into poker, blackjack, roulette or sports, people are looking for a thrill and all those companies trying to be all corporate are simply boring their own customers. It's also why I don't think online gaming companies should go public, the market expects you to be all corporate, which is boring so you end up losing your entertainment soul."

"The measurement method of this study is a very clever one too - who can argue with Google? I am raising my glass now to another 15 years at the top."

How it worked: The survey was done by looking at the number of Google Alerts generated daily, during December, by documents published on the web that contained a mention of each of the brands listed and was carried out by Josh Apaifi of Apiafi Associates. Google Alerts are a service offered by Google which notifies its users by email, or as a feed, about pages published on the web that contain words you are tracking and is a global search.

    The original survey:

    The results:

    Company: Google Alerts Total:

    1.  Bodog 510
    2.  PokerStars 493
    3.  Betfair 467
    4.  Paddy Power 437
    5.  Ladbrokes 421
    6.  Bet365 414
    7.  William Hill 395
    8.  BWin 178
    9.  Party Poker 175
    10. 888** 99

**mentions of telephone numbers containing '888' were discounted

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About Apiafi Associates (copied from the original press release): Apiafi Associates is an independent consultancy which concentrates mainly within the gaming and horseracing industry. It also consults to businesses outside of these areas on commercial, marketing and branding matters. It is headed up by Josh Apiafi who prior to founding the business was CEO of the Professional Jockeys Association. Josh was also Director of Horseracing and Head of Marketing for Betfair from 2002 - 2007.

Apiafi Associates client base includes REL (Racing Enterprises Ltd), The Professional Jockeys Association, The PPF (Professional Players Association), Joules Clothing, Integrity In Sport Ltd, Rewards4Golf, Weathercock Racing Ltd and Sportsmasters International.

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