Independent State Store Union Opposes Representative Turzai's State Store Privatization

Jul 13, 2011, 13:50 ET from Independent State Store Union

HARRISBURG, Pa., July 13, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The Independent State Store Union representing state store managers across Pennsylvania opposes Representative Turzai's bill to privatize the state store system on grounds of bad alcohol policy in addition to protecting the jobs of its membership.

Ed Cloonan, ISSU policy director says, "Pennsylvania has had, for 77 years, the best alcohol distribution system in the world.   The system maximizes revenues to the Commonwealth without the profit driven economic incentives to sell as much as you can whenever you can to whomever you can in convenience stores, grocery stores, drug stores and general merchandise stores."

Cloonan continues, "Republicans and Democrats during both Republican and Democratic Administrations have resisted the effort from Governor Shapp to Governor Rendell because they, in a bipartisan way, see the merits of this system.  The Turzai bill would increase accessibility which in turn increases consumption and alcohol related problems for the drinker.  The bill will effect the drinker's family, their friends and acquaintances in addition to victimized strangers."

The Turzai bill creates new vested economic interests whose only financial goal is to increase consumption with increased profit.  All the moneyed special interests of newspapers seeking advertising dollars for themselves; liquor and wine companies improving their bottom line; and, would be wholesalers and retailers creating new profit centers must be weighed against the damages to Pennsylvania communities in both urban and rural Pennsylvania.

SOURCE Independent State Store Union