Indian Agricultural Infrastructure Market 2012

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Indian Agricultural Infrastructure Market 2012


The agricultural sector is one of the fundamental building blocks of the Indian economy. It not only feeds the country's population, but is also the source of livelihood for more than half of it. One of the key issues in recent times is food security, which has forced the country to adopt new and improved measures of feeding its expanding population with proper quantity and quality of food.

India is blessed with favorable climatic conditions for the production of a wide variety of crops. The country boasts of having the largest share of cultivated land, amounting to nearly 52 percent of its total area. In 2011, India held the record for producing 244,000 kilo tonnes of food grains.

However, the country's agricultural sector alone cannot sustain its food requirement. Going hand in hand with it is the infrastructure segment, which plays a pivotal role in transporting and distributing the pre- and post-harvest requirements of the sector. Although India has the basic ingredients of success in the agricultural sector, wide gaps in its infrastructure segment continue to stump this booming sector.

In recent times the Indian government has been focusing on supporting the agricultural infrastructure segment through funds, policies and incentives. There has been a constant effort to improve storage facilities in order to reduce wastage, and to improve roads so as to speed up the distribution of the produce to the targeted destinations.

Our report is a thorough study and analysis of the Indian agricultural infrastructure system, along with its current status and future scope. It defines the possible opportunities and scope of development in this segment. We analyze in detail the current government initiatives towards this sector and the impact they are having on the industry.

The report also briefly discusses the broad global environment of the agricultural infrastructure segment. Interesting topics like critical success factors, investments, and recent trends have been included in the report. To sum up, this report provides an overall picture of the agricultural infrastructure segment in India and its future prospects.


• Global Overview and Indian Overview of the Agricultural Infrastructure Segment
• Current Status of the Segment
• Market size and Dynamics
• Investments and Trends of the Sector
• Outlook of the Sector


• Current Industry Overview - India
• Import – Export Scenario
• Investment Trends in Agricultural Infrastructure - India
• Industry Infrastructure – India
• Industry Forecast – India
• Regulatory Framework in Agriculture and Infrastructure Segment
• Investment Trends in Agriculture and Infrastructure
• Profile of Key Indian Players


• Companies in the Infrastructure and Agriculture Sectors
• Educational Institutes and Agriculture Research Centers
• Business Research, KPOs and Consulting Companies
• Agricultural Transportation, Distribution, and Machinery Manufacturers/Suppliers
• Government and Policy Makers
• Commercial and Investment Banks
• Individuals/Investors

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary

2. Overview

2.1 Global Perspective
2.1.1 Global Infrastructure Perspective
2.2. Indian Perspective
2.2.1 Indian Infrastructure Perspective

3. Industry Overview

3.1 Current Scenario
3.2 Market Size

4. Industry Structure

5. Export & Import

5.1 Export
5.2 Import

6. Market Dynamics

6.1 Trends
6.2 Growth Drivers

7. Critical Success Factors

8. Industry Forecast

9. Industry Infrastructure

9.1 Physical Infrastructure
9.1.1 Ware Housing
9.1.2 Cold Storage
9.1.3 Transportation
9.2 Soft Structure
9.2.1. Supply Chain Management

10. SWOT Analysis

11. Regulatory Framework

12. Investments

13. Issues and Challenges

14. Key Players

15. Conclusion

List of Charts

Chart 1 - Country-wise Productivity - 2010
Chart2 - Indian Agricultural Production
Chart 3 - Area of Food grains, non-food grains and all crops in India
Chart 4 - Export of Agri and Allied Sector
Chart 5 - Import of Agri and Allied Sector
Chart 6 - Estimated Food Requirements in India till 2020
Chart 7 - Outlook - Indian Food Consumption
Chart 8 - Outlook - Agriculture and Allied Sector Production (India)
Chart 9 - Outlook - Agriculture and Allied Sector Consumption (India)

List of Tables

Table 1 - Agricultural Output World Wide - 2010
Table 2 - Global Investments in various segments of Agriculture
Table 3 - State-wise Area of Production - 2010
Table 4 - Loss Percentage for Agricultural Produce (2010)
Table 5 - Y-o-y Growth Rate of Total GDP v/s Agri and Allied sector GDP (in percentage)
Table 6 - Production and Consumption of Indian Agriculture
Table 7 - Cereals Table 8 - Spices
Table 9 - Commodity-wise Cold Storage Capacity (as on Dec. 31, 2009)
Table 10 - Perishability of Fruits & Vegetables with/without Cold Storage
Table 11 - Sector-wise Distribution of Cold Storages
Table 12 – Logistic Constrains in India - 2010
Table 13 - Supply Chain Parameters - India v/s Other Countries
Table 14 - Financials of Department of Food & Public Distribution (in USD millions)
Table 15 - Financials of NABARD (in USD millions)
Table 16 - Financials of Spencer's Retail Limited (in USD millions)

List of Figures

Figure 1 - Industry Structure
Figure 2 - SWOT Analysis

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