Indian Healthcare Industry - 2012

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Indian Healthcare Industry -2012


Buoyed by a congenial economic environment and demographic changes, the Indian healthcare industry has experienced exceptional growth over the past few years. In 2010, the industry was valued at USD 50 billion and was projected to grow at a healthy CAGR of 15 percent for the next five years. This momentum is expected to continue and place the sector at the top of the service sector players in India.

Globally, the industry is amongst fastest growing sectors, with approximate revenues of USD 5.5 trillion in 2010. Within this context, India is viewed as one of the most promising markets among the developing countries and is projected to reach USD 140 billion by 2017. This report gives a comprehensive insight into the soaring Indian healthcare industry. It analyses the wide and diverse spectrum of Indian healthcare, with emphasis on opportunities in the areas of hospital infrastructure, pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, diagnostic labs and emerging fields like healthcare tourism, clinical trials & research and telemedicine.
The overall industry scenario is upbeat, propelled by a growing economy, shifting demographics, rising disposable incomes, high incidence of lifestyle-induced diseases, new investment avenues and a large pool of talented and cost-effective human resource. The segments that are reaping the most benefits are hospitals, pharmaceuticals, medical equipment companies, pathological labs and other service providers,

The Indian government, on its part, is promoting this sector through positive regulations like the introduction of the Health Bill, which proposes to bring all independent bodies like the Medical Council of India (MCI), the Dental Council of India (DCI), the Pharmacy Council of India (PCI) and the Nursing Council of India (NCI) under a centralized authority. The government is also increasing public expenditure on healthcare to 2.5 percent of GDP from 1 percent, encouraging public-private partnerships (PPP) in hospital infrastructure, and boosting medical tourism. Taking advantage of the prevalent optimistic atmosphere, many foreign players are looking to enter the country, especially in Tier-II and Tier-III cities, which have huge untapped markets.

Meanwhile, the generic drugs market is set to expand, since most patents are going to expire in the next 5 years. Simultaneously, health cities and single specialty clinics are gaining prominence in promoting quality healthcare services at affordable prices. Health insurance portability is expected to increase the penetration of insurance by not only improving the quality of service levels, but also by raising competition among insurers to retain customers.

Our report also profiles a few of the major players like Apollo Hospitals Group, Fortis Healthcare Group, and Ranbaxy Pharmaceuticals, among others. It looks at the financials of these companies in the context of key growth factors, thereby demonstrating the innate potential of the sector.
The report aims to facilitate various international investors interested in the healthcare industry in India. Entrepreneurs who wish to set up hospitals and other components of the entire healthcare value chain and are contemplating entering into healthcare delivery may gain insight into the sector through this report. Interested players who plan to set up pharmaceutical companies, exporters and importers both in India and overseas, banks, industry researchers, analysts, financial institutes offering credit services to the sector, healthcare-related professionals and individual investors tracking different segments of healthcare industry in India may also find this report valuable.


  • Encompasses the entire healthcare manufacturing and services industry with their market size and share
  • Opportunities in various segments of the industry 
  • Outlook of the industry


Indian & Global market outlook

  • Growth drivers and trends of the industry
  • Implications of the Union Budget 2012-13 on the industry
  • Emerging fields and their growth trends
  • Comparative Cost Advantage
  • Key Investments and M&A activities in respective segments
  • Export & Import of pharmaceuticals, healthcare products and medical equipment


  • Comprehensive outlook of the industry
  • Detailed analysis of all the segments and their opportunities has been discussed
  • Better understanding of the market vis-à-vis market prospects
  • Better positioning of products and service


  • Pharmaceutical Companies and Healthcare Service Providers
  • Educational Institutes
  • Business Research, KPO & Consulting companies
  • Medical Equipment and Devices Manufacturers/Suppliers
  • IT & ITES in Healthcare Sector
  • Medical Practitioners & Clinical Trial Specialists
  • Government and Policy Makers
  • Commercial and Investment Banks
  • Individuals/Investors

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary
2. Overview
2.1 Global Overview
2.2 Indian Overview
3. Indian Healthcare Industry
3.1 Market Size
3.2 Industry Structure
3.3 Market Segmentation and Trends
3.3.1 Market Segmentation
3.3.2 Major Trends
3.3.2 Healthcare Manufacturing Pharmaceutical Industry Medical Equipment
3.3.3 Healthcare-Services The Hospital Service Delivery Health Insurance Sector Diagnostic and Pathological Labs
3.4 Healthcare Infrastructure
3.5 Growth Drivers
3.6 Export-Import
3.6.1 Export of Pharmaceutical Products
3.6.2 Export of Medical Equipment
3.6.3 Import of Pharmaceutical Products
3.6.4 Import of Medical Equipment
4. Critical Success Factors
5. SWOT Analysis
6. Regulatory Norms, Taxes and Duties
6.1 Guidelines for the Pharmaceutical Industry
6.2 Guidelines for the Hospital Industry
6.3 Guidelines for Diagnostic and Pathological Laboratories
6.4 Guidelines for Medical Equipment
6.5 Taxes and Duties
7. Cost Structure
8. Issues and Challenges
9. Opportunities
10. Investments
10.1 Domestic
10.2 Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)
10.3 Private Equity Investments
10.4 Key Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)
11. Major Players
12. Outlook

List of Charts

Chart 1 – Historical Global Pharmaceutical Market Size
Chart 2 - Forecast of Global Pharmaceutical Industry (2011-15)
Chart 3 – Comparison of Global Expenditure on Pharmaceuticals by Segments in 2010 & 2015
Chart 4 - Historical Indian Healthcare Market Size
Chart 5 – Forecast of Indian Healthcare Industry (2011-15)
Chart 6 – Segmentation of Indian Healthcare Market
Chart 7 – Comparison of Global Expenditure on Healthcare as a Percentage of GDP (2010)
Chart 8 - Comparison of Global Healthcare Expenditure (2010)
Chart 9 – Comparison of Global Per Capita Healthcare Spending on PPP Basis
Chart 10 – Historical Indian Pharmaceutical Market Size
Chart 11 - Forecast of Indian Pharmaceutical Industry (2011-15)
Chart 12 - Segments of Indian Pharmaceutical Industry (2010)
Chart 13 – Historical Indian Medical Equipment Market Size
Chart 14 - Forecast of Indian Medical Equipment (2011-15)
Chart 15 - Historical Indian Hospitals Market Size
Chart 16 - Forecast of Indian Hospitals Industry (2011-15)
Chart 17 – Historical Allocation of India's Health Budget
Chart 18 - Health Insurance Premium (FY2006-FY2011)
Chart 19 – Segmentation of Health Expenditure in India
Chart 20 - Indian Healthcare Delivery Structure
Chart 21 - India's GDP Growth Rate
Chart 22 - Indian Percentage Share in World GDP
Chart 23 - BRIC's Population Growth Rate
Chart 24 – Prevalence of Lifestyle Diseases in India (2005 & 2015)
Chart 25 – Life Expectancy in India (in years)
Chart 26 - Export of Pharmaceutical Products (FY2006-FY2011)
Chart 27 - Export of Medical Equipment (FY2006-FY2011)
Chart 28 - Import of Pharmaceutical Products (FY2006-FY2011)
Chart 29 - Import of Medical Equipment (FY2006-FY2011)
Chart 30 – Forecast of Medical Tourism Market in India (2009-2015)
Chart 31 – FDI Inflow in Healthcare in India (FY2006-FY2011)
Chart 32 – M&A Deals in Healthcare (2009-2011)

List of Figures

Figure 1: Industry Indian Healthcare Industry Structure
Figure 2: SWOT Analysis of Indian Healthcare

List of Tables

Table 1 - Top Five Drug Brands in the World by Sales
Table 2 - Major Investments in Biotechnology in India
Table 3 – Details of Major Medical Equipment Companies in India
Table 4 – Market Drivers for Health Insurance in India
Table 5 - Details of Major Pathological Labs in India
Table 6 – Comparison of Global Healthcare Infrastructure (2010)
Table 7 - Healthcare Infrastructure Indicators in India
Table 8 – Comparative Cost Structure
Table 9 - Comparison of Key Healthcare Procedure Costs
Table 10 - Major PE Investments in Healthcare in India (2007-2010)
Table 11 – Value of M&A Deals in Healthcare in India (2007-2011)
Table 12 - Major M&A Deals in Healthcare in India (2007-2010)
Table 13 – Financials of Apollo Hospitals Group (FY2006- FY2011)
Table 14 - Financials of Fortis Healthcare Group (FY2006- FY2011)
Table 15 - Financials of Piramal Healthcare (FY2006- FY2011)
Table 16- Financials of Ranbaxy Laboratories Ltd. (FY2006- FY2011)
Table 17 - Financials of Dr. Reddy's Laboratories Ltd. (FY2006- FY2011)
Table 18 - Financials of Sun Pharmaceuticals (FY2006- FY2011)

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