INDIEGOGO to Seek Crowdfunding for World's First Automotive Black Box Cyber Security Lock

The U.S. is proposing mandating automotive black boxes / event data recorders (EDRs) that you cannot turn-off, disable, or remove. Your vehicle may already have one. So, what's the solution?

Apr 01, 2013, 08:00 ET from AIRMIKA, INC.

SOUTHERN PINES, N.C., April 1, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- AIRMIKA, INC. of Southern Pines, North Carolina is featured on INDIEGOGO, the international crowdfunding platform seeking funding to increase manufacturing capabilities and marketing of their automotive cyber security product line. Cheers to the Indiegogo team for wisely supporting and promoting this project.

AIRMIKA, INC. believes cars and trucks are the next victims of cyberattacks.  Our view is that when you purchase a vehicle you own more than just the vehicle.  You own the electronic data the vehicle creates.  We believe you should control access to this data to prevent tampering and misuse. Thus, we provide a simple solution to do so - a vehicle connector lockout to safeguard in-vehicle electronics networks.

The AUTOcyb™ automotive cyber security vehicle connector lockout is U.S. patented and globally standardized as IEEE-1616a. It is designed for post-1996 light vehicles (cars and light trucks) that contain a Diagnostic Link Connector (DLC). It attaches to the vehicle's DLC located under the dash and can be removed for vehicle maintenance, inspection, or emissions testing. This connector lockout gives the reassurance of knowing that you have control of crash data access. The black box / EDR will still work exactly as it is designed to. You determine when and who sees the data (within state law) and thus, control how it is used.  

You cannot turn-off, disable, or remove your vehicle's EDR / black box. However, if you want to control physical access to the vehicle's connector download port then the AUTOcyb™ - automotive cyber security lock is your safeguard solution against cyberattacks, tampering and misuse of electronic data. You hold the key, not automakers, law enforcement agencies or insurance companies. Others must receive your permission or resort to legal measures to access crash data.  The least you can do is make everyone follow the law, although only 13 states have statutes. This device protects you against unlawful search and seizure.

Congress and federal regulators failed to provide vehicle owner's and motorist's essential consumer protection.  Even if they tried again it would take years. You need to protect your freedom to travel safely (now) with 90+ million EDR equipped embedded vehicles, chances are you .

Help make it happen for the World's First Automotive Black Box Cyber Security Lock Project.  Click here .  There project is about driving protection - something everyone needs.  Your involvement is essential.  Help them help you by sharing this important and timely information with others.

ABOUT US: AIRMIKA, INC., located in Southern Pines, North Carolina has 15 years of high-level national and international experience with EDR standardization, regulation and legislation. Now our focus is on providing cyber security for in-vehicle electronics netwoks with simple to install automotive aftermarket products.  We have others patent pending products in development and need crowdfunding support to level the playing field. Our best is yet to come and we welcome you along.

Media Contact:  Tom Kowalick, AIRMIKA, INC., 910-246-8809 or

Media Contact: Thomas M. Kowalick AIRMIKA, INC., 910-246-8809,

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