IndiePlaya Launches at Cinequest 21

Online Film Distribution Now A Viable Alternative For Independents

Mar 12, 2011, 23:00 ET from IndiePlaya, Inc.

SAN JOSE, Calif., March 12, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- IndiePlaya, the revolutionary online film distribution platform that enables profitable DIY marketing and distribution of independent film, today announced their hard launch at Cinequest Film Festival 21. IndiePlaya allows filmmakers and distributors to access a feature-rich platform, robust marketing toolset, superior business intelligence and rich social network integration to optimize the packaging, guerilla marketing and distribution of their films to highly targeted audiences.  

"We've created a platform that empowers the filmmaker in ways never before available," says Jeffrey Brandstetter, Co-Founder + CEO of IndiePlaya, Inc. "As an entertainment attorney negotiating on behalf of indies for the past two decades, I wanted a play-leveler that gives independent filmmakers a fighting chance of actually turning a profit with their films, and we do that by enabling them to sell further down the long tail then ever before possible."

IndiePlaya and Cinequest also today announced a strategic alliance and the newly upgraded CinequestOnline, an online film distribution portal now powered by IndiePlaya.

"IndiePlaya and Cinequest share a common goal — empowering film artists with innovative ways to optimize their distribution opportunities," says Halfdan Hussey, Co-Founder + Director of Cinequest.  "Our strategic alliance with IndiePlaya provides Cinequest's maverick filmmakers with bleeding-edge technologies that enable them to better reach their audiences and monetize their content.  Silicon Valley's Cinequest has played a pioneering role in the world of Internet distribution since 2003 as the first film institute to deliver feature films and as a partner in several of the companies that drove Internet delivery from a promise to a reality. The re-launch of CinequestOnline using IndiePlaya enables us to offer both DVDs and streaming video directly to our fans at the premier level of quality and ease."

With IndiePlaya, filmmakers and distributors can now maximize revenues and lower costs by doing direct-to-consumer marketing and distribution of their feature films and shorts, and modify all offering terms dynamically, including video quality (Standard Def vs. HD), download vs. streaming, purchase vs. rental, variable rental windows, access to special content, price, and much more.  IndiePlaya also offers filmmakers and distributors rich metrics and business intelligence about their content, as well as anonymized, aggregated data about similar films, to help them target-market niche audiences and benefit from the effective marketing strategies of others.

Some of IndiePlaya's unique marketing tools include:

  • Upsell — e.g., upgrading an SD purchase to HD, or adding a download option to an existing streaming-only purchase
  • Cross-sell — bundling with other films
  • Bonus Content — e.g., interviews, promos, behind-the-scenes footage and outtakes, even after consumers have made a purchase
  • Geo-Targeting™ — territory-specific pricing to create premium offerings in some countries and discounted offerings in others
  • Geo-Fencing — territory-by-territory carve-outs for split-rights deals
  • The Filmmaker Is In™ — enabling filmmakers and distributors to maintain a direct relationship with audiences in chat rooms

With absolutely no barriers to entry, IndiePlaya is truly a risk-free proposition, with a non-exclusive, no minimum term deal and no up-front or subscription fees charged to filmmakers or consumers.  Instead, they charge a small fee (from 50 cents to $1.29 per transaction), depending on the sales or rental price.   |

SOURCE IndiePlaya, Inc.