Industrial Tool for Precision Sanding - Mitchell's Abrasive Cords and Flat Tapes

Debur Curved Surfaces, Grooves, Slots, and Holes in Various Manufacturing and Maintenance Applications

Oct 07, 2010, 12:16 ET from Mitchell Abrasives

MIDDLETON, Mass., Oct. 7 /PRNewswire/ -- Mitchell Abrasives is the manufacturer of a full line of round and flat abrasive cords.  These cords are heavy duty but flexible enough to reach tight areas in holes and grooves on machined parts.  They are available through your local distributor.  For information contact Mitchell Abrasives at 770-242-0888 or e-mail:

The abrasive cords are fully coated with aluminum oxide, silicon carbide, or crocus and come in a wide variety of sizes to fit into slots or holes that are inaccessible by standard files or tools.  Ideal for sanding, deburring, or finishing metal parts.  They work on virtually any surface.  View video of a mechanic working on metal parts at

Designed to match a variety of manufacturing and maintenance applications, Mitchell's Abrasive Cords are available in sizes from .012" to .15" in diameter and the flat tapes are 2/32" to 8/32" in width.  They are packaged on handy spools in 50ft. lengths.  Try a roll now.

Mitchell's new offering is a flat tape measuring either ½" or 1" wide.  These complement our other flat tapes that measure up to ¼" wide.  These flat tapes are coated on one side with 180 aluminum oxide grit and 360 aluminum oxide grit on the other.  They are a sanding and finishing tape all in one.  The tapes are available in 25ft. lengths.  View an image of the new abrasive tape at

The Mitchell's cords and tapes are a must for the aerospace, automotive, military, metalworking, and Tool & Die industries.  When a surface on a part must be completely smooth in order to meet specifications the cords and tapes are the ideal tool to finish the job.  See a metalworking application at

Mitchell's Abrasives Cords are priced from $12.00 and up per spool.  Information is available upon request.      

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