InfoQuest Teams Up With Aspen Research to Launch 'Aspen' - A New Information Service for Financial Market Participants

Mar 03, 2011, 02:36 ET from InfoQuest Ltd.

BANGKOK, Mar. 3, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- InfoQuest, a leading provider of online information in Thailand, and Aspen Research Group, the Colorado-based specialist in charting tools and analytics, today announced the launch of a new jointly-developed real-time stock information service named 'Aspen'.

InfoQuest is directed by CEO Jalthong Patamapongs, a veteran in financial markets who worked with Aspen Research Group more than 20 years ago to create the information service known as 'Apex' which became the de-facto standard in the Thai market at that time and is still widely used today. He anticipates that Aspen will get a good market response due to its improved functionality at a price some 35-50% lower than existing services.

"Aspen Research decided to team up with InfoQuest to develop and launch its next-generation stock information service due to our long relationship of over 25 years, and the expert team of software developers that we have here within the group."

"Over 20 years ago, I launched the Apex service in Thailand. Since selling that business I have been out of the stock information industry sector for more than 14 years, but Apex is still popular. In order to make a successful return to the industry, I had to be certain that I would be able to offer something better", Mr. Patamapongs added.

"We were invited to assist with the development of Aspen to respond more efficiently to the needs of Thai brokers and investors. I'm confident that Aspen will become the best tool for decision-making in stock trading and investment and I believe it will encourage suppliers to reduce prices and improve product quality, which overall will benefit customers."

Under the terms of the partnership, Aspen Research will supply its software platform directly to brokers and other market participants, while InfoQuest will supply real-time financial news and data, installation and support services. The improvements to software functionality are exclusive to InfoQuest as these enhancements were developed by ThaiQuest, a software company within InfoQuest group, and hence to Aspen.

Aspen will provide data from 35 key stock and commodity exchanges around the world, including indices, information on trading of securities, funds, derivatives, and commodity futures, information on energy, currency exchange rates and other financial figures.

In addition, Aspen will also provide English and Thai news on the capital market situation as reported by InfoQuest News, Dow Jones Newswires, and Xinhua News Agency, while a supplementary service will be offered by of Mr. Banana Online Co., Ltd.

About Aspen Research Group, Ltd.

Aspen Research Group Ltd. is a leading U.S.-based software developer specializing in charting tools for technical analysis and stock information for professional investors.

Its renowned stock analytics software 'Aspen Graphics' is widely used by professional investors and financial institutions around the world. The program supports content from international news and information providers such as Thomson Reuters and Bloomberg.

Aspen Research Group is also the developer and owner of rights to the software associated with Apex, a stock analysis product of Bisnews AFE (Thailand) popular among Thai stock brokers and financial institutions.

About InfoQuest Ltd.

InfoQuest has been operating online information and news services in Thailand for over 11 years under the leadership and management of Jalthong Patamapongs. The company believes that the economy of scale from its 4,000 subscribers around the country will support its marketing strategy of offering services with better quality yet at lower prices.

Prior to his founding of InfoQuest, Mr. Jalthong established Bisnews in 1983 and was responsible for the rise of Bisnews as Thailand's first and largest real-time online news and information service provider until he sold the business to Reuters in 1997.

InfoQuest employs over 200 highly capable individuals, including executives and professionals with over 28 years of news service experience. InfoQuest services are operated by the company's own news editorial and information development teams who had extensive experience at Bisnews and Reuters.

InfoQuest produces real-time online news covering economic, stock and financial issues, as well as the political situation and other developments that may affect the stock and financial markets.

In addition to producing its own news, InfoQuest gathers information from more than 300 sources and organize such content for its customers in various packages and forms, including news and information center service via NEWSCenter, online news clipping service via iQNewsClip, mobile service via iQStock (WAP) and iQStockAlert (SMS), website-based information service via and, and global publicity service via iQMediaLink.

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