Information you need to know about UK Car Insurance

Nov 04, 2013, 00:51 ET from

LEEDS, England, November 4, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --

Every driver in the UK needs car insurance. We loath to pay too much, hate to see premiums increase, but more importantly would be more upset if we were caught without it either by the police or in the case of an accident. So what can we do to understand it well enough to know if and when we pay too much? And how can we ensure we don't get ripped off for paying for something so essential?

When you first begin driving your insurance will most likely be the highest it will be in your life-time. This is because an insurance company needs to know you're not going to cost them too much money. When you first begin driving they have no idea what kind of driver you'll be; courteous, law-abiding and careful or reckless, fast and inconsiderate. When you first drive there is no track record to look at for your driving so insurers will get you to pay a higher rate for your first year that will decrease year on year providing you have no accidents or points on your licence. The other factors that will lead to you paying more are claims on your insurance, being under 25, traffic convictions, the type of car you drive and smaller factors such as whether you drive a lot of miles, if you keep your car in a garage and the type of area you live and sometimes work in. Gender used to play a role in prices in that men tended to be charged higher prices than women, a ruling means companies can no longer use this to base their prices.

Knowing which factors can reduce the amount you pay can help you know how you should drive and what you can do to reduce those costs, however when it comes to renewal how do you know you're getting the best offer for your safe driving? The renewal you're sent through the door is almost never the best deal you could get. Even ringing them directly doesn't mean that they can offer you the best deal for you. Online comparison sites tend to be the best way to get value for money. You can decide on your type of cover and see offers from many insurers and chose the one you prefer. Sites such as compare all the major insurers without the hard sell or annoying gimmicks. Plus you know that with smaller operations there are real people you can get in touch with if you do need help.

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