InformedDNA and Cigna Collaborate in First National Genetic Testing Program to Require Independent Counseling

Jul 23, 2013, 09:00 ET from Informed Medical Decisions, Inc. (InformedDNA)

Innovative program will help individuals gain access to expert information and help them
make better informed decisions about genetic testing

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla., July 23, 2013 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- InformedDNA announced today a Genetic Testing and Counseling Program for Cigna customers and health care professionals.  The first-of-its-kind national program will ensure that individuals receive counseling from an independent board-certified genetics specialist if the individual is at heightened risk for breast cancer, colorectal cancer syndromes, or Long QT syndrome and is considering genetic testing.  Cigna is the first national health service company to promote independent board-certified genetic counseling by requiring it before testing for certain hereditary conditions.

InformedDNA will support this new Genetic Testing and Counseling Program by providing national, convenient access to its board-certified and licensed genetics specialists.  InformedDNA responsibilities include providing Cigna customers and health care professionals with reliable, transparent information about their health risks, whether genetic testing is right for them and the best options to protect their health – taking into account the individual's and family's health history to provide personalized recommendations.

"Our approach increases access to genetics specialists who have the training to ensure that every person seeking information about their genetic makeup and health risks receives the best and most personalized information available to get the most appropriate care," said InformedDNA CEO David Nixon.  "This proven model for health care utilization ensures that all Cigna customers have swift access to a board-certified genetics specialist to help them evaluate the potential impact of genetic testing on them and their family members."

Breast cancer, colorectal cancer syndromes, and Long QT syndrome all present complex challenges for physicians seeking to provide the best available information about prevention, diagnostic, and treatment strategies.  Board-certified genetics specialists can provide critical health information that patients, their families, and their physicians can use to anticipate and reduce risk.

"We are committed to providing Cigna customers with all of the information they need to understand their inherited health risks and make decisions about complex genetic tests.  We are working with InformedDNA because the company is recognized as an authority in genetic counseling and clinically-driven genetic benefits management," said David Finley, M.D., Cigna's national medical officer for enterprise affordability and policy.

As Cigna's subject matter experts for the Genetic Testing and Counseling Program, InformedDNA will provide expert support and quality assurance to Cigna's Coverage Policy Unit and utilization management medical directors, and genetic counseling services to Cigna customers.  This is the first time this innovative health care utilization model has been applied to evaluate and manage the rapidly expanding field of genetic testing on a national level.

About InformedDNA

InformedDNA is the largest independent U.S. provider of genetic counseling services.  In addition to direct patient care in most genetics specialties and sub-specialties, the privately-held company consults with employers, health plans, medical centers, ancillary healthcare companies, government and other agencies seeking to better understand genomic health and its implications for their organizations and the healthcare system overall.

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