Infurn: Bold Colors are Back in Furniture, Home Decor

Styles are cyclical, but a recent report notes that bold, vibrant colors are "in" -- and here to stay. The report has won the attention of Infurn.

Dec 12, 2012, 06:00 ET from Infurn

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NEW YORK, Dec. 12, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Styles tend to be cyclical, whether in apparel or in home furnishings--but according to one recent report, bold, bright, and vibrant colors are once again "in" when it comes to home decor and furnishings. The report has won the attention of Infurn, a company that provides numerous home furniture designs to clients around the world.

According to Pittsburgh Paints color expert Dee Schlotter, the fast pace of modern life, coupled with the pervasive influence of cutting-edge technology, has helped to cultivate a renewed zeal for bright, expressive colors--a trend that has seeped into home decor and design practices throughout the country.

Infurn, meanwhile, notes that these trends are particularly applicable in the world of home furnishings. The company has issued a new statement to the press, commenting on recent design trends and making note of its own broad color palette.

"Infurn is known throughout the world for our commitment to designs that feel classic, whether they come from 1900 or from 2012," says the company's new press statement. "Classic does not mean stuffy or colorless, however, and indeed, we strive to create pieces of furniture that double as works of art, vibrant, exciting, and packed with color."

Infurn offers more than 400 different home furnishing designs. The company hand-crafts all of its pieces, and distributes them to customers in more than 20 countries. To date, Infurn has provided furniture to more than 100,000 satisfied customers.

"The mission of Infurn is to provide timeless pieces of furniture that offer myriad design options, but also an abundance of color," the company statement continues.

"Our goal is to meet the highest, most rigorous standards of excellence with each and every piece," Infurn concludes. "That means paying attention to quality assurance, but also to style. Though style is ever-changing--as this new trend of bright colors shows--we ultimately endeavor to make pieces that withstand the test of time."

Schlotter, meanwhile, notes that bright colors were once considered taboo in some design circles, but now are being embraced by designers and homeowners alike. Homeowners who were formerly "leery of color" have begun to see it as a whole new "level of sophistication," Schlotter remarks.

Schlotter does offer some tips for homeowners and designers seeking to capitalize on this new color trend, noting that vibrant colors cannot be used haphazardly; rather, each room within the home needs a unifying color palette or theme. Additionally, homeowners are encouraged to test different colors on a small scale before committing to a full-scale home overhaul, particularly when something as permanent as painting is being considered.


Infurn is a company devoted to the production of designer furniture, drawing on more than a century of iconic and widely-loved designs. The company seeks to produce furniture that is timeless, unique, and classic in its design. Infurn delivers its products to more than 20 different companies; each piece if hand-crafted and produced and shipped with the highest standards of quality control in mind. Infurn boasts more than 400 classic designs, and has shipped its products to more than 100,000 happy customers across the world.