Initiative & Finance Invests in Sparkling Drink Systems - Innovation Center, First CO2 Cylinder-Free At-Home Carbonation Appliance To Market

Feb 20, 2014, 10:17 ET from Sparkling Drink Systems

PARIS, Feb. 20, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Initiative & Finance, based in Paris, closed a deal to invest in Sparkling Drink Systems - Innovation Center Ltd ("SDS-IC"), an international marketing and manufacturing company specializing in home beverage carbonation products. SDS-IC is currently considered the only credible alternative to SodaStream in the "Home Carbonation" category.


Initiative & Finance and SDS-IC's partnership will allow Sparkling Drink Systems - Innovation Center Ltd to surpass The Coca-Cola Company and Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Inc. in the race to release a home carbonation appliance without the need for CO2 cylinders.

On February 5th, one week after the Initiative & Finance and SDS-IC's closing, The Coca-Cola Company & Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Inc. (GMCR) announced that the companies have signed a 10-year agreement to collaborate on the development and introduction of The Coca-Cola Company's global brand portfolio for use in GMCR's forthcoming Keurig Cold™ at-home beverage system.

Home Carbonation products allow consumers to create their own carbonated beverages, sparkling water and soft drinks, at-home, using a soda maker appliance, a CO2 cylinder in various shapes and sizes and a wide variety of flavors. Up to this time, home carbonation products require a CO2 cylinder.

SDS-IC's Executive Chairman, Serge Bueno, recognized that the current products on the market utilizing CO2 cylinders were an inconvenience for consumers. Bueno stated, "The future was in making carbonated beverages easier to use, with fewer steps, and in particular, without the need for CO2 cylinders." Following years of R&D and investments, "We have achieved that objective."

SDS-IC is proud to announce that it has the technology and its patented appliances already available, having been in development since November 2007. While the company has a wide range of products in the handheld, tabletop and single serve categories, this will be the first CO2 cylinder-free product. SDS-IC will be introducing product to market in 2014.

"We have been impressed by the R&D capabilities of SDS-IC, which was awarded the title of most innovative company in the USA in its category in both 2012 and 2013. The company is poised for fast growth, having already secured contracts with some of the most important world leaders in the small domestic appliance market" said Jean-Bernard Meurisse, President of Initiative & Finance.

"We have created the ultimate 'freshly made' at-home soft drink machine and have been waiting for the right moment to launch it. The moment has now arrived! We will be launching a breakthrough range of 6 products beginning in the second half of 2014," announced SDS-IC's Executive Chairman Serge Bueno.

About SDS-IC:

SDS-IC is a marketing, manufacturing and business partner bringing to the market R&D, private labels and OEM for the Home Drinking System category. The company was developed not only to supply consumers with home beverage carbonation products but, most importantly to bring to the market their unique know-how and expertise for this category. SDS-IC offers a range of convenient products and solutions. SDS-IC has offices in United States, France, Israel, Italy, London, Hong Kong and China. For more information about SDS-IC, visit

About Initiative & Finance:    

Initiative & Finance is a Paris-based private equity firm which takes majority and minority equity stakes alongside entrepreneurs operating SMEs with revenues ranging typically from €5 million to €100 million. With a track record of 275 investment operations in France since its inception in 1984, Initiative & Finance specializes in management buy-out, management buy-in, leveraged build up, owner's buyout, shareholder restructuring, and spin-off.    

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