Inject Some Life into Summer's Dullest Days with Stunning Beauty from Hills Aesthetics

Don't be subdued by the slow pace of late summer, take charge of your life with confidence-affirming cosmetic surgery from Dr. Aminpour.

Aug 07, 2013, 19:38 ET from Hills Aesthetics

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 7, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- The late summer weeks are famous for being some of the slowest-feeling of the year. The novelty of the hot weather has worn off and work is still slow for many, leading to a pace of life that can shift from relaxing to downright sluggish. In Southern California, however, the August malaise can be beaten by taking advantage of the region's world-class options for cosmetic surgery. For those familiar with the field of facial plastic surgery, Los Angeles is renowned as the home of some of most skilled surgeons in the world. While this is certainly due in part to the proliferation of the Hollywood film and television industry – and the high standards of beauty that are prevalent throughout – it is also due to the work of Shervin Aminpour, M.D., FACS the chief surgeon at Hills Aesthetics.

In performing notoriously complex procedures like rhinoplasty, Los Angeles-based Dr. Aminpour brings meticulous precision and impeccable artistic skill that has been honed through years of work on cosmetic procedures and reconstructive surgery alike. When in need of nose surgery, Los Angeles residents know they can trust Dr. Aminpour to provide exquisite, natural-looking results while reducing the post-operative recovery period as much as possible. When undergoing a late-summer facelift, Los Angeles patients at Hills Aesthetics can often expect to be recovered completely by the time the leaves begin to change.

While many are whiling away the days until September rereading their favorite paperback or vegging out in front of the television, you can take a dramatic step forward by improving your appearance and self-confidence at Hills Aesthetics. Under the care of Dr. Aminpour, cosmetic surgery is truly a journey toward a more fulfilled, satisfied existence. By employing cutting edge imaging software, Dr. Aminpour provides each patient with a clear sense of the aesthetic changes he intends to make long before the day of the procedure. Once completed, the medical professionals at Hills Aesthetics remain in touch and willing to answer any questions, ensuring the transition towards a more aesthetically-pleasing appearance and new self-confidence is seamless and stress-free.

Instead of falling victim to the slow pace of the lazy, hazy days of summer, take charge of your life by making an appointment for exquisite facial plastic and reconstructive surgery at Hills Aesthetics. While your friends are playing catch-up when autumn rolls around, you'll be refreshed and rejuvenated with new self-confidence and stunning, aesthetically appealing appearance. Dr. Aminpour has worked to build a staff of medical professionals who share his passion for providing patients with aesthetic plastic surgery, and ear, nose and throat surgery, so contact Hills Aesthetics today. If you're ready to inject new energy into your life, contact the friendly staff to schedule a complimentary consultation at Hills Aesthetics either online at or at 310-853-5814.

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