Innocoll Provides an Update on its Range of Advanced Wound Care and Related Collagen-based Products

Sep 19, 2011, 07:00 ET from Innocoll, Inc.

ASHBURN, Va., Sept. 19, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Innocoll, Inc. announced the following update for its range of advanced wound care and related collagen-based products. Based on a series of recent regulatory approvals and product listings, Innocoll has added six more products in a variety of sponge, film, bilayer, powder, gel and spray formats that are available for commercialization in the US, EU and other markets such as Canada and New Zealand. These products include:  

  • CollaCare®, a range of advanced bioactive wound dressings for the management of chronic and acute wounds available in sponge, film and powder formats.
  • CollaCare® Dental, a lyophilized collagen matrix for the management of oral wounds including periodontal and other dental surgical wounds.  
  • Collexa®, an advanced bilayer wound dressing for the management of heavily exudating chronic wounds and burns.
  • Lidocoll®, an OTC topical analgesic available in collagen-based spray and gel formats containing 4% lidocaine hydrochloride for the relief of pain associated with minor burns, cuts, and skin irritations.
  • CollaGentle™, a collagen-based spray for skin conditioning and moisturizing.
  • Zorpreva™, a series of collagen-based absorbable hemostats for use in surgery including maxillofacial and dental surgeries.

Commenting on the update, Dr. Michael Myers, Innocoll's President and CEO said, "We have successfully expanded our portfolio of collagen-based products to include a wide range of presentations and applications. We are actively preparing for the commercialization of these products in the near future."

About Innocoll, Inc.

Innocoll is a privately held, biopharmaceutical company focused on biodegradable surgical implants and topically applied healthcare products. The company develops and manufactures a range of pharmaceutical products and medical devices using its proprietary collagen-based technologies, CollaRx®, CollaFilm®, DermaSil™ and Liquicoll®. Approved products based on the Company's technologies include: Collatamp® G, Septocoll®, Collieva®, CollaCare®, Collexa®, Zorpreva™, and LidoColl®.

Other products in clinical and regulatory development include: CollaRx® Gentamicin Surgical Implant in phase 3 for prevention of surgical wound infections, Cogenzia® in phase 3 for the adjuvant treatment of infected diabetic foot ulcers, Xaracoll in phase 2b for the management of post-operative pain, and CollaGUARD®, for the prevention of surgical adhesions, which has been submitted for approval in the EU. For more information, please visit

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