Innovations in Water Production and Its Impact on Key Sectors

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LONDON, Feb. 16, 2016 Innovations in Water Production and Its Impact on Key Sectors : Critical water innovations of the 21st century

Water is necessary for many applications apart from sustaining life. Because it may not be available in sufficient quantity or at the quality required, some form of treatment may be necessary to meet the needs of an application. More stringent water quality specifications normally require more elaborate treatment methods. Challenges of availing clean water suitable for specific applications have led to innovations in water production to meet the needs of each sector. This research service reports on innovations in water production that specifically impact each key sector. It gives the industry snapshot of each key sector, its current water scenario, innovation landscape, global trends and technology roadmap till 2025. Several examples of innovative non-technological ways to produce or provide water are presented at the end of the report. Some key patents and contact details of key industry players are also given.

Research Objectives and Scope

This research service aims to report on how innovations in water production impact key sectors in the industry in the current scenario and in future. The research concerns only water that is to be used and/or consumed in an industry sector (inflow), and not the wastewater that is generated or produced (outflow).
The types of innovations covered in the report are innovative technologies, as well as innovative business models, programs, partnerships, new water governance forms, or any best practices that can stimulate, support or boost water production.

Key sectors are identified as those that require water with high or difficult-to-meet specifications, but not necessarily in large volumes. These are the challenges that will motivate innovations to produce water to meet the sector's needs.

Each chapter on a key sector follows the outline below.
-Industry snapshot
-Water scenario
-Innovation landscape
-Global trends
-Technology roadmap
Selected case studies that drive water production in innovative ways are given at the end of the report.

Appended at the end of the report are some key patents providing an insight into some of the activities of industry players in the key sectors. A list of contacts in the domain, with names, titles, addresses, phone numbers, e-mail IDs, and website URLs is also given.

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