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Jan 28, 2010, 10:30 ET from Goldfaden Skincare

NEW YORK, Jan. 28 /PRNewswire/ -- Goldfaden, the skincare collection known for its natural approach and signature Organic Red Tea-based formulations, helps to fight the signs of aging with scientifically developed cutting-edge innovations in the skincare market.

Dedicated to giving his clients the latest treatments and products available, dermatologist Dr. Goldfaden diligently explores the newest ground-breaking developments in skincare. "I'm always looking worldwide for the preventative and restorative powers of new and natural organic ingredients and technology for the maximum benefit on one's own skin health and beauty," Dr. Goldfaden states. Utilizing unique ingredients through extensive research, Dr. Goldfaden is able to discover the latest trends including topical melatonin, Stem Cell and DNA technology -- incorporating these discoveries into his products before his competitors; making Goldfaden Skincare innovators in the market of result-oriented solutions for any skin type and condition.   

Helping to enhance the body and skin's nightly repair cycle, Goldfaden Sleep Renewal Night Cream offers a unique signature formulation including Melatonin -- a natural compound that regulates the sleep process.  Aiding the body in a more restful night's sleep, skin cells are allowed to perform optimal rejuvenation during the night while the body is relaxed.  

Derived from the regenerative powers in the stem cells of a rare Swiss apple, Goldfaden Skin Stem Cell Serum increases suppleness and radiance to the skin. "With all the controversy concerning the use of stem cells, I was able to find a unique organic stem cell in the Swiss apple that would mimic the purpose of human skin stem cells in enhancing beauty and the skin's structure," says Dr. Goldfaden.

Extending skin cells lifespan, Goldfaden DNA & Telomere Cream improves the power and life of the DNA in the skin cells and skin tissue quality; repairing skin function on a cellular level. "With genetics playing such a large part in attempting to extend our lives, I incorporated DNA technology in the DNA & Telomere Cream to enhance the skin's longevity and youthfulness," says Dr. Goldfaden. Formulated with Teprenone (form of Vitamin K 2), which prolongs cell survival, prevents against early skin cell death and improves skin condition along with Caprylic Acid.

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