Innovative Independent Publishers and Developers From Around the World Bringing New Content to the Zeebo Platform

Jun 03, 2010, 09:30 ET from Zeebo, Inc.

SAN DIEGO, June 3 /PRNewswire/ -- Zeebo, Inc. today announced a lineup of forthcoming content from a variety of innovative independent publishers and developers around the world, including Digital Chocolate (US), Fishlabs (Germany), Limbic Software (US), Twelve Interactive (Italy) and Vega Mobile (France). The new content will join dozens of existing titles for the Zeebo 3G-connected digital gaming, entertainment and education platform, which delivers fun and learning to families in emerging global markets. The system is currently selling in Brazil and Mexico, with future rollouts planned elsewhere in Latin America, Asia and beyond.

"Compelling content drives the success of a system, and we're impressed with the commitment these publishers and developers have made to bringing quality, entertaining and engaging content to Zeebo users," said Mike Yuen, senior vice president of global content and services, Zeebo, Inc. "Look for us to continue to expand our roster of independent content providers from around the world."

"Zeebo's 'Play, Learn, Connect' strategy has introduced a powerful new paradigm and a world of new opportunities to the interactive entertainment industry," said Jason Loia, COO, Digital Chocolate. "Our first title for the Zeebo system will be 3D Rollercoaster Rush Jurassic. It is encouraging to see a company like Zeebo move the industry forward with its groundbreaking approach to digital distribution in rapidly growing regions."

"We are proud to bring our third title for the Zeebo system, Powerboat Challenge, to families in Brazil and Mexico," said Michael Schade, CEO, Fishlabs. "Fans of Galaxy on Fire and Rally Master Pro, which we previously released on the Zeebo, will experience more action-packed fun from Fishlabs. Our ongoing commitment to Zeebo content underlines our belief in delivering high-end gaming, over-the-air, directly to the living rooms of gamers in emerging countries."

"Our debut title TowerMadness has surpassed more than 2.8 million downloads across the iPhone and iPad, and we look forward to bringing this award-winning game to the Zeebo system," said Arash Keshmirian, co-founder, Limbic Software. "The Zeebo system enables us to take TowerMadness into new regions around the world and to extend our titles beyond the smartphone and into the home interactive experience."

"Zeebo users will enjoy a nice blend of action and strategy when they play CID The Dummy," said Giuseppe Crugliano, managing director, Twelve Interactive. "We are thrilled to add Zeebo to the list of platforms we develop for, and we are strong believers in the Zeebo vision. Twelve looks forward to a long partnership with the Zeebo, Inc. team as they work toward making digital distribution successful around the world."

"We've recently launched Alien Breaker Deluxe (ABD) for Zeebo users in Brazil and Mexico, and we will follow ABD with an original title created for the system," said Jerome Schurch, CEO, Vega Mobile. "It's a pleasure to work with the Zeebo team. Their platform's value proposition makes it possible for our team to create original content with the target audience in mind, and provides a tremendous opportunity for Vega Mobile to introduce our brand to families in Brazil, Mexico and beyond."

Zeebo fosters the development and monetization of local content by preventing piracy through fast and convenient shopping with secure 3G broadband wireless connectivity and over-the-air delivery. For Zeebo customers, content delivery and user interface software updates for the Zeebo system occur over the ZeeboNet Wireless Network and are completely transparent to the user. Customers can purchase and download content quickly and easily from their living rooms, without having to purchase any software disks or other hardware. Connectivity is provided pre-activated for the system, and users do not have to sign up for any additional service plan or contract. Zeebo takes only minutes to set up. Users simply plug the Zeebo into a television set, and the system automatically connects to the ZeeboNet Wireless Network.

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Zeebo, Inc., a closely held company based in San Diego, California, has developed the Zeebo, a wireless platform to deliver digital gaming, entertainment and education content to the next billion consumers in emerging global markets. The system's 3G wireless connectivity allows for rapid, easy delivery of games and other content, free from the risk of piracy. Consumers can buy inexpensive titles, download them directly to the Zeebo and access the Internet, all from the comfort of home. The Zeebo is available throughout Brazil and Mexico, with future rollouts planned in other regions.

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