Innovative Search Engine Appliance Supports IMO Partners' International Markets to Deliver Just-in-Time Secure Terminology Services on Site

Sep 18, 2012, 16:44 ET from Intelligent Medical Objects, Inc. (IMO)

SINGAPORE and NORTHBROOK, Ill., Sept. 18, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Intelligent Medical Objects, Inc. (IMO), developer of the most widely-used medical terminology within electronic health records (EHR) systems, announced today the release of its new search engine appliance with comprehensive medical vocabulary service. IMO made the announcement at the HIMSS AsiaPac 2012 Conference being held in Singapore this week. The new service is designed to deliver just-in-time vocabulary changes at the point of care and auto coding services eliminating the overhead associated with management and support of all coding dictionaries.  These include: LOINC®, ICD-9, ICD-10-CM, ICD-10-WHO, RxNorm, NDC, and other licensed terminologies as well as protecting clients licensed service with international territorial restrictions like CPT®, ICD-10-AM and SNOMED-CT®.

This new appliance allows IMO's powerful cloud service to be hosted in-house on a physical, self-contained server on the client's network, making all contained information inaccessible to any machine outside the network. Customers then have secured, real-time access to licensed IMO content updates while protecting access to licensed content. In addition, IMO's vendor partners can have full access to IMO's terminology suite, enabling them to be competitive in international markets that have restrictions and different coding requirements. Hospitals and healthcare providers can also benefit from the seamless and protected onsite content delivery.

"The search engine appliance with just-in-time access to coded content lays the foundation for our vendor partners to participate in true semantic interoperability," said IMO Founder and CEO Dr. Frank Naeymi-Rad. "Eliminating the overhead required to manage regulatory code changes, such as ICD-9 to ICD-10 CM, is a major value to end users, but the value to our vendor partners is far more profound. By providing consistent, reliable search and access to terminology, they can now innovate in clinical decision support, data repositories, outcomes research, and enhanced clinical documentation techniques. This gives them the opportunity to dominate the world HIT market and help their care delivery client's code for better care." 

"The IMO search engine appliance was designed to work in harmony with IMO's hosting operations, allowing for true failover capabilities between local and cloud based services of IMO," said Regis Charlot, President and CTO at IMO. "Our objectives are to reduce the overhead of searching large clinical coded content at the point of service and remove the difficulties and potential error in importing new clinical content into our vendor partners' sophisticated EHR applications," said Jose Maldonado, VP of IMO Products and Services.

"It is so exciting to deliver a true terminology service that allows our EHR vendor partners to profoundly advance the quality and flow of health information and healthcare technology to improve global health," said Fritz Hofheinz, CMIO of IMO. In support of IMO's US based vendor partners global marketing initiatives, IMO also announced the appointment of Peter Donia as VP of International Sales and Markets. Mr. Donia is based in The Netherlands.

"To be the leader in health terminology solutions, with high-quality, dependable and easy-to-implement products and services, is the reason why IMO is the partner with whom customers and vendors most want to work. This collaboration accelerates the capture and sharing of true semantic data across healthcare markets by our clients," said Bac Palomo, CFO and EVP Strategic Channel Development for IMO.

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