Innovative Sequencing® the Only Procedure Providing Increased Hair Volume and/or Length for any Hair Situation

Sequencing® does this in a Manner Healthy for Hair and Scalp for Men and Women

Dec 06, 2010, 14:17 ET from Sequence Hair

ENGLEWOOD, N.J., Dec. 6, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Sequence® Hair, a privately owned company, in business quietly for more than 21 years, has been perfecting and solving a myriad of individual hair problems.  Sequence Hair has provided its innovative method to solve any hair problem, whether deemed genetic, medical or chemical and those problems resulting in limp fine hair, broken hair or any degree or pattern of thinning and/or baldness.

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In brief, the hair replacement/enhancement method called Sequencing has such extraordinary benefits over all other techniques, currently on the market, that it could potentially cause all others to become obsolete.  A bold statement which can be proven, Mr. Dino Dondiego says.

Mr. Dino Dondiego, the company founder, president and creator of Sequencing® says, "No matter what anyone's hair challenges are people now have a choice of improving the fullness of their hair and the length, if desired, in a healthful way that uses all of their own hair.

"An important aspect of the Sequence Hair method is that we can and will fully discuss how we do what we do.  With other hair restoration or hair extension methods there just isn't that level of transparency until you are in the chair," Mr. Dino Dondiego, explains.

Other techniques pale in comparison to Sequencing® and what we are able to accomplish for client's looking for a healthful, more natural method of hair restoration, Mr. Dondiego says.   In brief, the Sequencing® technique is a customized application which leaves each client's own hair and scalp untouched to breath naturally thus helping, in some conditions, to encourage hair growth.

Mr. Dondiego's company, Sequence, Inc., located in Englewood, New Jersey is poised to carve out a significant share of the more than $1 billion hair replacement and hair enhancement industry as his company is the only provider of Sequencing® .  The company is currently seeking strategic partners, as part of licensing agreements, to help in the service delivery of the product and its innovative benefits.

Of all other techniques currently on the market, "None of the surgical and non-surgical methods of hair replacement or enhancement offers a truly long term solution or is truly healthy," Mr. Dondiego says.  It seems that although surgical techniques have come a long way the fact still remains that it is a surgical process which does not offer an optimal hair replacement solution.

Surgical hair transplants actually involve cutting out parts of an individual's scalp, the donor area, and then stretching the scalp back together thereby causing the donor area to become permanently thinner.  Hair follicles are then cut from the donor scalp which was removed and transplanted into the thinning areas on an individual's scalp.  Typically, however, there is never enough donor area to fill up the thinning and or balding areas whether during the first year of transplants and or into the future when  hair thinning and or balding progresses.  Because this method depletes an individual's hair resources it often results in an ineffective conclusion often leaving men and women in a worsened state anxiety and dissatisfaction.

Mr. Dondiego's technique, offering a long term, effective solution to hair replacement, is not surgical or unhealthful.  Most importantly since surgery is not involved there are no limitations.  "Sequencing ® will work for a client as long as they desire with no ill effects," he advises.  "Don't despair if you have already invested in hair transplanting because Sequencing® can use all of your existing hair, including all transplanted hairs therefore eliminating the odd spotty appearances transplants cause due to a lack of donor areas."

Mr. Dondiego and his strategic partners plan to expand the offering of Sequencing® nationwide in the next several years.  He says, "Men are able to regain a new, more natural looking hair line while women are simply ecstatic with the volume a full, lustrous healthy head of hair brings."

With the offering of his innovative Sequencing®, Mr. Dondiego wants to help potential clients to initiate a discussion with him and an examination of his technique against others.  He is inviting interested individuals to evaluate the range of techniques, claiming to offer a solution to hair enhancement, for example hair extensions, or replacement, available in the market today.

Sequencing®, Mr. Dondiego says, can accomplish so much through a virtually seamless, healthful solution which is unlike any other method.  "No one has been willing to speak about hair replacement or enhancement options in a transparent, tell me exactly how it is done openness," Mr. Dondiego says.

In this spirit of openness and in his efforts to help educate potential clients, Mr. Dondiego has offered to take us through a review of current industry techniques.  "There are only 4 categories or techniques for adding hair despite hundreds of brand names," Mr. Dondiego explains.

All of the techniques fall into one of 4 categories as follows: 1. Hair Weaves increase hair volume and length by adding tracks, an actual curtain of hair, which is sewn by braiding the client's own hair down against their head, then that hair is bonded or glued onto an individual's own hair.  2. Hair Extensions which are glued to sections of your hair or attached with pliers to a metal bead.  3. Hair Systems, often recommended for more severe hair loss, cover existing hair by bonding or gluing a base to the existing hair and or scalp.  4. Hair transplanting which is a surgical method of removing hair with parts of the scalp from thicker areas of an individual's scalp for transplanting directly into thinning areas.

The Sequencing® method trumps all of these other techniques affording clients a safer, lighter healthful and more natural method for increasing hair volume and length.  Sequencing® involves a proprietary technique which uses a unique filament called the Blending Strand®.  When placed against the scalp the Blending Strand® seems to fade away.  On this fine transparent filament single human hair, one at a time is attached.  When the Blending Stand® is placed in between existing hairs, down against the scalp,  the added single human hairs give the appearance of growing directly out of the scalp.  The "feel" look and maintenance of Sequencing® is the most natural replacement and or enhancement  technique on the market.

Sequencing® is tailored to a client's existing hair problem and the technique allows the scalp to breath and a client's hair to grow freely with a virtually invisible method.

Mr. Dondiego says, "In 21 years I have quietly and continually helped judges, lawyers, professionals of all types, anyone, who has come to me with a hair concern.  I've never turned anyone away or wondered how I would solve a particular problem.  Everyone has regained their confidence by achieving their own customized, personal balance of hair volume and or hair length."

Information about Sequencing® has been quietly kept by those in the know.  Now that he has helped so many individuals Mr. Dondiego wants to spread the secret and his innovative service.  Individuals that have searched and tried all forms of adding hair have adamantly commented that the Sequencing® innovation is the safest, lightest most comfortable and most naturally flexible head of hair they could ever experience.  Mr. Dondiego says, "This result is all due to the Blending Strand®."

When the Blending Strand® is placed in between existing hairs a natural looking phenomenon occurs.  The added hair seems to fade away within an individual's hair and the added single human hairs appear as if they are growing out of the scalp.  Due to this unique concept not only can exact hair colors be blended, but any alternate hair colors can be added to create any highlighting effect imaginable therefore eliminating the need to color a client's existing hair if they choose.  With Sequencing® clients can enjoy the amount of hair volume they are most comfortable with in any selected hair texture, style or color.

"Most importantly, maintaining Sequencing® is no different than washing, styling or swimming in one's own God given hair," Mr. Dondiego explains.  "Whatever a client's hair issues may be Sequencing® is so versatile a technique that even those clients in radiation treatment or those suffering from alopecia and other maladies such as Trichotillomania have regained their confidence and desired hair look."

Mr. Dondiego urges all individuals who are struggling with unwanted hair issues to consult with Sequence Hair for solutions to what seemed like impossible hair situations.  He says, "Sequencing® is a method with a natural look and feel allowing you to brush your hair, as you normally would, directly down to your scalp.  Many individuals know that this is impossible with other methods."

Sequence Hair, founded in 1989 by Mr. Dino Dondiego, has perfected its use of Sequencing® and now wants to spread the secret by offering tailored solutions to hair issues.  The company urges everyone who feels they need an answer to hair problems to consider Sequencing's innovative technique which caters to the hair dreams, desires and wishes of its clients with a customized, tailored approach which is without peer in the marketplace.

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