Innovator Windy Apple Announces Transatlantic Plans and Offers Promotional Pricing for New York-to-Chicago Microwave Network

Sep 23, 2014, 13:33 ET from Windy Apple Technologies

NEW YORK, Sept. 23, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Windy Apple Technologies is celebrating four years of operation with promotional pricing for its New York-to-Chicago microwave low latency service and is announcing plans for a transatlantic network.

In 2010, Windy Apple Technologies created the long-haul low latency microwave network market. To celebrate four successful years of service, WAT is offering promotional pricing on microwave connectivity between New York and Chicago. For 12-month contracts signed before Sept 30th, 10 Mbps bidirectional links are available for $12,500 per month with 1 Mbit at just $5,000, plus setup fees.

As one of the few low latency network providers not owned by a trading firm, Windy Apple provides a truly independent solution and a transparent pricing structure to match. Smaller and mid-size firms averse to buying network services from larger competitors gain a full seat at the table, with sufficient access to leverage superior algorithms and trading strategies.

Having a first-mover advantage in this market, Windy Apple is capable of passing on the savings on its excess capacity. With its physical infrastructure and capital investments fully paid for before its major competitors even began constructing their own low latency networks, WAT today can provide a level of value with which other entrants cannot compete.

"We take a special pleasure in turning unfeasible concepts into feasible ones," said Alex Pilosov, company CEO. "We take the technology risks and make real R&D investments that let us hit the bleeding edge."

Windy Apple was able to make its first breakthrough in 2010 and continues to succeed because of its focus on engineering. The company's internal R&D program has explored communication technologies as diverse as microwave, millimeter-wave, free-space optics and hollow core fiber, as well as relay platform deployments utilizing airplanes, balloons and satellites. Some of these efforts have yielded material technological advances and are currently being incorporated into the company's next-generation designs. WAT is committed to "R&D engineering, not RFP engineering," according to Pilosov.

Delivering on this promise, WAT recently finished the prototype of a new adaptive-rate modem that uses state-of-the art techniques to maximize available capacity for a given delay. The modem supports Multi-input/Multi-output (MIMO) in both line-of-sight (LOS) and no-line-of-sight (NLOS) modes, another first in the industry. Notably, the modem delivers substantially greater data capacities than competitors, coming within 2dB of the theoretical "Shannon limit" for delay-bounded, reliable information transmission rates. The design incorporates the latest in DSP technologies and is based on a unique heterogeneous FPGA and GPU architecture, which isolates latency-critical components from compute- or memory-intensive components.

"Windy Apple revolutionized the HFT industry four years ago, and we're looking forward to doing it again," Pilosov said.

The company aims to establish a transatlantic service, using advancements in equipment design and non-traditional deployment platforms. Plans include high- and low-bitrate networks for low latency links between New York and London, giving WAT the opportunity to be both first to market and markedly more cost-efficient than the billion-dollar transatlantic fiber systems currently being built by competing providers.

As it moves forward, Windy Apple will also incorporate its technological advances into its established New York to Chicago link. Potential customers interested in service availability and the promotional pricing may contact the company directly for full details.

Windy Apple Technologies created the long-haul, low-latency network market in 2010 and remains an engineering-focused leader in the field. Armed with a simple vision—enabling the transmission of information without delay—the company has been closing gaps between information theory, physics and technology through aggressive research efforts and engineering excellence. It currently operates a network connecting financial hubs in New York and Chicago, and is actively expanding to new markets.

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