Inova Women's Hospital Offers MediMap™ Genomic Testing to Newborns as Part of our Standard Package of Care

Feb 08, 2016, 10:44 ET from Inova

FALLS CHURCH, Va., Feb. 8, 2016 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Inova today announced that it is offering MediMap™, a pharmacogenomic (PGx) test, to all babies born in the new Inova Women's Hospital. Pharmacogenomics combines pharmacology – the science of medications – and genomics – the study of genes. Inova is the only health system in the U.S. that provides this PGx test to newborns as part of our standard package of care.

Until recently, most medicines have been developed and prescribed to patients in a "one size fits all" approach. PGx testing informs physicians about a child's genetic makeup to determine the best medication and dosage, and personalizes prescriptions to most effectively treat and manage illnesses in the future.

"Inova is offering this test to newborns at no additional cost because having access to this useful information before the patient needs a medication will significantly impact care," said Benjamin Solomon, MD, Chief, Division of Medical Genomics, Inova Translational Medicine Institute. "We all hope that our children won't get sick, but if they do, having access ahead of time to information about what medications are most likely to work is important, and could be life-saving. Unfortunately, today we often find out through trial and error."

If parents choose to have this test for their baby, a painless cheek swab will be used to obtain a sample of DNA from the baby's mouth after delivery. The sample will then be tested for specific genetic changes that may influence a child's response to certain medications. This is a one-time test and the results do not change as a child gets older. 

MediMap™ will look at genetic changes that influence response to certain commonly prescribed medications in the following categories:

  • Pain
  • Cardiovascular
  • Immunologic
  • Psychotropic
  • Anti-Cancer

"Inova is a global leader in developing and applying personalized health," said Knox Singleton, CEO, Inova. "The MediMap™ test is truly the future of health and the next step in integrating knowledge from genomic research into patient care, prevention and wellness. It can provide life-changing information to help physicians prescribe the right medicine, at the right time, in the right dose, for the right person."

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