Inpro Launches First-Ever Online Forum Dedicated To Protecting Buildings And The People Who Rely On Them

'Building Protection Forum' Will Connect Building Protectors to Resources and Each Other

Apr 02, 2014, 09:00 ET from Inpro

MILWAUKEE, April 2, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- As a leader in manufacturing products that make buildings safer, healthier, and more sustainable, Inpro understands the challenges facing building stakeholders. From shrinking budgets to increasing accountability, these professionals—including architects, designers, contractors and owners—must continually adapt to an ever-changing world. Inpro is on a mission to make this adaption process easier by launching the Building Protection Forum: the first-ever site dedicated to facilitating discussions around protecting buildings and the people who use them. 

"We have always done obsessive things to make sure our clients can protect their buildings, but this initiative takes that obsession to a whole new level," said Mark Alan, Senior Vice President of Product Management & Development at Inpro. "This site will finally give everyone from architects to maintenance managers a place to report problems they're having, and get answers to complex questions."

Anyone with a stake in protecting buildings and the people who use them can go to the website at, create a profile, and participate in discussions—including posting new questions and commenting on existing threads.

Inpro will activate its network of thought leaders and partners to address the following kinds of topics:

  • Keeping facilities clean and maintaining a healthy environment. 
  • Maintaining appearance from normal usage and damaging abuses.
  • Understanding the myriad of building product choices and the long-term impact: the capital cost vs. the operational cost.
  • Having a common definition and understanding of sustainable products.
  • Keeping up with the changes to environmental certifications and product & health declarations.    
  • Understanding the legal liabilities associated with the choices made.

"Our goal is to create a central hub for all of these discussions and debates," said Alan. "It will be thrilling to see what happens when people from all different industries and disciplines are brought together in the same place. We expect some amazing new ideas and innovations to emerge."

Inpro – Since 1979, Inpro has been making and servicing products with an obsessive commitment to protecting the appearance of buildings and the health and safety of the people who use them. Based in Muskego, Wisconsin, Inpro is the nation's premier manufacturer of door and wall protection, washroom systems, expansion joint systems, privacy systems and architectural signage.