Inrad Optics Installs New Plasma Assisted Deposition System

New e-beam vacuum deposition system produces superior coatings, dramatically increases the size of the optical components that can be coated.

Apr 23, 2013, 11:55 ET from Inrad Optics, Inc.

NORTHVALE, N.J., April 23, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Inrad Optics, Inc. (OTBB: INRD) has advanced its thin film coating capabilities with the installation of a new plasma assisted e-beam vacuum deposition system.  The new coating system employs high-density plasma technology to dramatically enhance the quality of thin films by improving a wide variety of mechanical and optical properties.  Its large 96-inch chamber also significantly increases Inrad Optics' capacity and allows the company to handle parts up to 1 meter in diameter.

George Murray, Vice-President of Sales and Marketing, Inrad Optics, reports, "This new plasma assisted coatings system represents a significant step up for Inrad Optics coatings services.  It will eliminate production bottlenecks to dramatically improve lead-times, while improving our process control.  Access to this level of technology in-house rounds out our turnkey custom optics services and is a springboard for delivering some of the industry's most advanced coatings services."

Plasma assisted deposition represents an evolution of the ion assisted e-beam process that Inrad Optics has successfully employed for years. Like ion assist, the new plasma-based deposition process relies on electron beams to evaporate coating materials prior to deposition on a substrate. Unlike its predecessor, however, plasma assist combines reactive ions and evaporated coating materials within high-density DC plasma.  The resulting thin films are of a measurably higher quality than previous processes.

Amy Eskilson, President and CEO, Inrad Optics, adds, "This significant investment in state-of-the-art coating technology not only serves to meet Inrad Optics' internal needs, but also enables us to offer superior contract thin film coating services. This advancement is a clear signal of our commitment to investing in the people and technology required to deliver the highest level of service and expertise to our customers."

Inrad Optics, Inc. (formerly Photonic Products Group, Inc.) was incorporated in New Jersey in 1973. In January 2012, the Company's Board of Directors and shareholders approved the name change to Inrad Optics, Inc. The Company develops, manufactures and markets products and services for use in photonics industry sectors via three distinct but complementary product areas - "Crystals and Devices", "Custom Optics" and "Metal Optics". 

The Company is a vertically integrated organization specializing in crystal-based optical components and devices, custom optical components from both glass and metal, and precision optical and opto-mechanical assemblies.  Manufacturing capabilities include solution and high temperature crystal growth, extensive optical fabrication capabilities, including precision diamond turning and the ability to handle large substrates, optical coatings and in-process metrology expertise.  Inrad Optics' customers include leading corporations in the defense, aerospace, laser systems, process control and metrology sectors of the photonics industry, as well as the U.S. Government, National Laboratories and Universities worldwide.

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