Inspur Launched InCloudRack at IDF 2015

Aug 25, 2015, 05:37 ET from Inspur Group Co., Ltd.

SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 25, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Inspur launched its Rack Scale Architecture proof of concept- InCloudRack at the Intel Developer Forum (IDF) in San Francisco on August 18, 2015. Technical advantages of Inspur InCloud Rack lie in its breaking the I/O interconnection bottleneck, constructing a distributed network through the UNE (Unified Network Engine), and enabling centralized pooling and unified resources scheduling through software defining. As emphasized by Leijun Hu, Vice President of Inspur Group, the Inspur InCloudRack as an ideal solution to private cloud IaaS, achieves the goal of "rack as a computer", and represents the future direction of rack scale system.

The overall modular design of rack scale system, the centralized power, cooling and control modules, together with various nodes (including eight-way, four-way and two-way computing nodes, storage nodes, GPU coprocessor nodes, micro-server nodes, etc.) enable the Inspur InCloudRack to offer the richest expansion solutions across the industry. Moreover, the distributed network facilitates the software-definition, supporting such enterprise-class IT applications as OLTP (online transaction processing), CRM and ERP, while serving as the optimum system platform for virtualization, cloud computing, big data and other applications.

In addition to diversified hardware expansion solutions, this product integrates hardware management, virtualization, and resource scheduling software. Under the unified control of software, the computing, storage and network devices within the rack make up a pool of rack-level hardware resources, that is, "Rack as a computer". Besides, the effective integration hardware management and resource scheduling enables the infrastructure to regulate dynamically in accordance with the operation load perceived, thereby improving the efficiency of user's infrastructure with better flexibility achieved.

InCloudRack replaces the traditional network with the distributed network, through which the further decoupling, concentration and pooling support the software-defined networks in a better manner. Leijun Hu also said that as for the design of the rack scale system, the greatest challenge is the lateral communication among nodes. Therefore, we introduced the distributed, multi-node and meshed network architecture, which had normally been used in the core network layer of ultra-large-scale data centers, for better design of rack scale system, with an aim to improve the communication efficiency and achieve high availability.

Rather than the NICs, transceivers, optical cables and top-of-rack switches for the traditional network, InCloudRack adopts the UNE (Unified Network Engine) featured by centralized sharing. The distributed network array formed between UNEs logically constructs a rack-level switch core connected to spine link.

The network design of InCloudRack prevails over that of traditional network. To be specific, the efficiency of communication among nodes is substantially enhanced, with a communication delay decreased by 77% from 10 microseconds (between traditional server nodes) to 2.3 microseconds (between InCloudRack nodes). The I/O problems that have long been constraining the server performance are solved accordingly. On the other hand, InCloudRack distributed network of both flexibility and expansibility, can be redistributed in accordance with the load in a software-defined way. InCloudRack will be marketed as a ready-to-use solution. Inspur delivers an overall solution to customers after completing the assembly of equipment as well as installation of software in the factory, thus the users will face less complexity of information procurement and shortened cycle of related equipment deployment and commissioning.

Inspur has developed two series of rack solutions with converged architecture so far. One is the Inspur SmartRack which is favored by public cloud customers paying attention to fast deployment, easy maintenance as well as energy and cost efficiency. Inspur SmartRack has been adopted by a large number of internet service companies in China including Alibaba, Baidu and 12306, a popular online ticketing system. Its market share in China exceeds 60% now. The other is the Inspur InCloudRack, characterized by high availability and intelligence, etc. The redundant and hot-swappable design of power, control and other auxiliary modules support the linear expansion of eight-way and four-way nodes, whilst meeting the application requirements for private cloud.

Inspur released the concept of converged architecture in 2014, which focuses on software-defined data center, aka SDDC. SDDC can achieve automatic equalization based on customer's operation load, by virtue of the decoupling and centralization at hardware level, as well as the virtualization, unified management and service awareness at software level. As indicated by Leijun Hu, Inspur has already realized the centralized pooling of storage and networking, and the next step is the centralized pooling of computing and memory, by which a complete SDDC will be achieved.

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