Inspur releases "Yunteng Plan" for developing 3,000+partners

Jan 11, 2016, 09:00 ET from Inspur Group

BEIJING, Jan. 11, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- On Jan. 7, with "winning the future with Yunteng and cloud intelligence" as the theme, the Inspur Cloud Service Partnership Strategy Release & Cloud Intelligence Alliance Conference was held in Jinan. At the conference, Inspur released the "Yunteng Plan", planning to develop 1,000+ cloud expansion partners, 1,000+ cloud channel partners and 1,000+ cloud solution partners within 3 years, to forge a cloud service ecosphere, and promote China's industrial development of cloud computing and big data based on the principles of openness, sharing, equality and win-win strategy.

"The release of 'Yunteng Plan' represents another major layout of Inspur's cloud computing strategies. The partners will be the vital force in the process of Inspur's cloud service layout. As the leader in China's E-government cloud, Inspur will perceive partners as a part of Inspur and utilize complementary advantages to work together to offer clients the best products and solutions, actively build China's cloud ecology, establish China's cloud brand and export China's cloud capacity," Wang Hongtian, Inspur's Senior VP said.

Inspur to forge "China Cloud" with 10 billion yuan

According to statistics from Gartner, global cloud service in 2015 reached a value of USD 180 billion, which is expected to reach USD 244.2 billion in 2017, with a growth rate of over 15% during the years ahead. Data in the White Paper for China's Public Cloud Platform show that China's cloud service market has been maintaining a consecutive growth rate of around 65% in recent years, with the value amounting to RMB 217.57 billion in 2015. An increasing number of corporations and vendors are undergoing transformation, further driving the cloud service market.

In February of 2015, the State Council issued Opinions on Promoting Cloud Computing Innovations and Fostering New Business Forms in the IT Industry, vigorously promoting the development of the cloud computing industry and encouraging the buying of cloud service. Regional governments, industrial ministries and commissions, and big corporations were highly enthusiastic about buying cloud services and actively sought to boost the industrial development of cloud computing and big data by purchasing cloud services. Representative examples of E-government cloud in Chongqing and national quality inspection cloud emerged as a result.

"China's current policy environment for cloud service has gradually stepped into maturity and started to enter the finalizing stage. We think that regional governments, industrial ministries and commissions, and big corporations contribute to a major share in the current cloud service market. This is also the main direction for Inspur Cloud," said Wang Fang, Inspur's VP and Cloud Service CEO.

As a leader regarding cloud computing and big data, Inspur released its cloud computing strategy in 2010 and swiftly rendered a series of industry cloud solutions, realizing a fast placement in the area of cloud service. In 2013, the utilization of E-government cloud in Jinan marked an unprecedented example of regional government comprehensively buying cloud service. In 2015, Inspur released the brand-new cloud strategy of "4-3-2-1", saying that it would invest RMB 10 billion to achieve the periodical target of serving 200 regional governments, 40 industrial ministries and commissions, and 200 big corporations via the three measures of forging a nation-wide cloud computing center, integrating global resources to enhance technological innovation, and building an impeccable ecotope. This task will be implemented based on Inspur's current capacities regarding security cloud, industry cloud, service cloud and China cloud and the two principles of customer focus and partner focus.

At present, Inspur has built three core cloud data centers in Beijing, Jinan and Chongqing and 14 regional centers. It has signed strategic cooperation agreements with 66 provinces and cities in China, offering cloud services for 26 provincial and municipal governments, including Shandong, Chongqing, Guizhou, Jinan, Mianyang, and Changde. Others clients include ministries and commissions such as the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, China Food and Drug Administration, and the General Administration of Customs. Inspur led or participated in the cloud service planning for 15 ministries and commissions. It played part in the information construction for 38% of the enterprises managed by the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission and 26% of China's top 500 corporations, taking up the biggest share in China's E-government cloud service market.

Joining hands with 3,000+partners to construct cloud service ecosphere

"Competition in cloud service is that in cloud ecology. Under the cloud service mode, data centers, platforms, and business applications are highly centralized with unified management and service; the power of ecology is needed for supporting each step of business cloud on-boarding, data integration and application innovation. The strength of a single provider can not support the development of cloud services," said Wang Fang. According to Wang, cloud service providers shall work with software developers and system integrators to facilitate business realization and cloud on-boarding, comprehensively meeting clients' requirements.

"So, Inspur established the 'Yunteng Plan', aiming to forge the cloud ecology based on the principles of openness, sharing, equality and win-win strategy. It will join hands with all parties to realize a win-win situation while firmly safeguarding partners' benefits. This will be done based on Inspur's experience in serving governments and enterprises, and by using its independent controllable security system, its triune service capacity and its cross-platform resource integration and migration capabilities," said Wang Fang.

According to "Yunteng Plan", for the next 3 years, Inspur will center on the cloud service market of regional governments, industrial ministries and commissions, and big and medium corporations. It will adopt multiple cooperation modes such as product agency, joint business operation, joint project, joint application cloudization, and joint solutions, working with 1,000+ cloud expansion partners to promote cloud on-boarding among users, help partners comprehensively participate in the cloud service business and transform from a project mode to a cloud service mode. Inspur is to assist 1,000+cloud channel partners in wining users, offering safer and more professional cloud computing services and gaining sustainable revenues; it is to help 1,000+cloud solution partners transform from a traditional mode to a cloud service mode, and integrate solutions to meet users' requirements for application and solution.

To support partners in achieving a fast transformation and development in the cloud computing era, Inspur will offer partners enabling training and share with them technological products and solutions. It will contribute its innovative results to enhance partners' business competence and to co-develop the huge cloud service market.

"We will build the ecology together to win the future. I believe that via Inspur's cooperation with our partners and our joint efforts, we can greatly push forward China's cloud service industry, and export China's advanced cloud computing ideas and business models, exporting a solid IT driving force for national strategies like the 'One Belt, One Road," said Wang Fang.

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