Insta360: New Entrant in VR Poised to Go Global

Mar 16, 2016, 07:19 ET from Insta360

SHENZHEN, China, March 16, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Chinese media outlets never fall behind the pace of technological advance. If you do follow the media industry in China, you will notice that all of a sudden, almost every news outlet is trying to "take you there" with VR cameras.

This year, the VR coverage of the political sessions by state media on their websites and mobile platforms have drawn significant attention. Coincidently, their coverage was carried out by Insta360's spherical cameras.

So, "What is Insta360? " You might want to ask.

As tech giants like Google, Samsung and Microsoft are seizing their VR territory around the globe, some fledgling tech startups are vying for their shares of this sought-after market and growing at a jaw-dropping rate.

Insta360 stands at the foreground of this endeavor. Founded in 2014, Insta360 has already independently developed and launched two spherical cameras.

The featured product Insta360 4K is a professional video camera with 4K high resolution. The Insta360 4K has also gained recognition at the 2016 IF Design Awards for its excellent industrial design.

Insta360 Nano, targeted at the low-end market, is probably the smallest spherical camera to date, according to the company. For avid fans of VR cameras with a tight budget, the good news is that the first batch of Nanos will be available on the market in April.

The company proudly declared: "We match up quite well with the leading VR competitor Ricoh Theta." The next step for Insta360 is to launch its products in the United States.

It has every reason to be confident. In October last year, the crowd funding target of its first spherical camera 4K was quickly met within half an hour. As a real-time stitching spherical video camera priced under 1000 U.S. dollars, it even attracted much attention from overseas customers with little promotion in other countries.

But how good is the Insta360 4K? As far as we know, it is equipped with the most sophisticated full-blown spherical image stitching technology that is available to date. The portable camera can also be used for live streaming, which has incomparable advantages in many situations.

With the global capital market seeking to push virtual reality industry further, China is no exception. Insta360 has just raised series B investment of tens of millions U.S. dollars. It has also consummated a strategic partnership with Youku, the biggest video site in China.

Insta360 said it will make full use of the money to expand its team, increase the output and build more production lines. Most importantly, it will focus on developing better products.

Shenzhen, the southern China city where Insta360 headquartered, is also dubbed China's Silicon Valley. It is in this city the now giants Tencent and Huawei were born small and grew large. In the near future perhaps, we will be able to witness this young VR adventurer rise to global prominence.

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