Instant Payday Loans Website Loses Board Member, Gains Customers, an instant payday loans website, recently lost Lisa Gray, its current board member. Lisa is to be replaced by Rossa, the reigning CEO.

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MINNEAPOLIS, June 26, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Instant payday loans website has been a winner despite board member Lisa Gray's departure toward greener pastures. Lisa was relocating to another state and made the decision that she couldn't do justice to her role as a board member from hundreds of miles away. "We welcomed her decision and provided her with all necessary support to ensure the transition was smooth. Despite her physical separation remains a part of our company's family and culture and we will continue working with her on projects that were initiated under her leadership," explains Matthew COO of, a free site that helps customers compare and save on instant payday loans.

"The timing was perfect. Since I joined the board I worked closely with Yonni Rossa to steer the success of from a small loan giant to a significantly larger operation with a robust international presence. I wish Rossa the best as he takes charge of my board-related duties in addition to his official role as the chief executive officer," says Lisa, the departing board member.

"I look forward to the additional responsibility as a board member. Despite my official role as the CEO of the company, I will continue serving on the board along with eight additional board members. Serving on the board will give me the additional opportunity to manage business affairs effectively while also presenting operational grievances to the board members based on first-hand knowledge," says Yonni Rossa, CEO and board member of is a website that helps borrowers sign-up for instant payday loans. Prior to the launch of the site, loan applicants would need to spend several hours researching individual lenders, fulfilling documentation requirements, and taking the overall process from start to finish. With the advent of, however, the entire process is streamlined to less than thirty seconds. Once the customer fills out a quick application form, the website's backend infrastructure automatically matches the borrower's profile with an existing database of thousands of lenders.

Within seconds, a match is generated and the borrower receives a personalized payday loan quote from multiple lenders. At this stage, the applicant can negotiate terms, ask questions, and negotiate rates and terms with the lenders.

Thanks to's infrastructure, the entire process is accomplished within as little as thirty seconds and the funds are often deposited within twenty four hours. Customers benefit from lower interest loan terms, faster service, and a solid backing from whereas lenders benefit in the form of reduced marketing overhead and a large pool of readily-available clients. It is a win-win for everyone involved.

"We have been in this business for over fifteen years and have perfected the process of matching lenders and borrowers with extreme sophistication and efficiency," adds Rossa.

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