Insulate Now for a Comfortable Summer

Don't wait for fall to make easy upgrades; insulate your home to keep comfortable during summer with ROXUL® COMFORTBATT™ thermal insulation

Jul 18, 2013, 08:47 ET from ROXUL Inc.

ATLANTA, July 18, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Hot summer days are here. And in many regions, hot days mean hot, restless nights, even when the air conditioning is running. With temperatures on the rise outside, it's time to think about how to keep cool indoors without breaking the bank. To keep the heat out, and the cool air in, now is the ideal time to insulate.

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Many homeowners consider adding thermal insulation to their home in the fall, in preparation for a cold winter. But insulating in the summer can help provide immediate relief from rising temperatures and elevated electric bills that result from running an air conditioner. Just as heat escapes through improperly-insulated walls during cold winter months, it can creep back in through these walls during the summer.

ROXUL®, manufacturer of ROXUL® COMFORTBATT™, a readily-available thermal insulation made out of rocks, encourages homeowners to insulate now for a cool, comfortable summer and thermal protection all year long. 

ROXUL provides several suggestions for insulating this summer:

  • During summer months, air in an attic can reach up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Without proper attic insulation, that hot air can make its way down into the home, sabotaging an air conditioner's hard work. If the second story is hotter than the first floor, add extra insulation to, or replace failing insulation in the attic. 
  • Crawlspaces built into and under homes should also be properly insulated. Consider adding insulation to the underside of the home's floor and around the crawl space walls.
  • Basements are often overlooked as a key place to insulate, but in the summer, a basement is typically the coolest place in the house. To keep that cold air in, adding a layer of insulation to exterior-facing walls and in the basement ceiling will help prevent drafts and escaping cool air. 

All ROXUL insulation products are made of stone wool, a combination of natural basalt rock and recycled slag, a mineral by-product of the steel-making process. ROXUL stone wool products offer superior benefits over traditional insulation products, making them safer and more cost-efficient over time. Every ROXUL insulation product is made primarily of recycled rock material.

In addition to providing thermal benefits, ROXUL COMFORTBATT is also fire resistant and water repellant, giving homeowners extra safety features that other commonly-used insulations cannot claim. 

ROXUL insulations are available at Lowe's, Home Depot and many lumber yards throughout the U.S. If not available on-shelf, product can be special-ordered at the contractor desk. When working with a contractor, homeowners can specify ROXUL insulations.  

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With plans to open its first manufacturing and production facility in the United States in the spring of 2014, ROXUL Inc. is a subsidiary of Rockwool® International, the world's largest producer of stone wool insulation. Rockwool International is a publicly held company, which trades on the Copenhagen Stock Exchange. Operating 26 factories, the Rockwool Group employs over 9700 people in 40 countries and features a global network of sales companies, trade offices and dedicated commercial partners. ROXUL's products are fire resistant, water repellent, non-corrosive and are resistant to mold, fungi and bacteria growth. ROXUL's Milton, Ontario, facility is certified to produce products containing up to 93% recycled content.