INSULATING THE FUTURE: HOUZE Announces Global Launch of ZERO Foam™ and Strategic Partnership with Lapolla Industries Inc.

May 01, 2013, 13:06 ET from HOUZE Advanced Building Science Inc.

HOUSTON, May 1, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- HOUZE® Advanced Building Science Inc. is revolutionizing the way homes are built through its standard-setting zero-energy building systems and innovative energy solutions. And now, HOUZE is poised to take their zero-energy products one-step further, with the launch of ZERO Foam™, the most advanced closed-cell spray foam insulation on the market. The announcement of this new product is the result of a strategic partnership with leading global spray foam manufacturer and distributor, Lapolla Industries Inc.

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Formulated and manufactured by Lapolla, HOUZE's signature ZERO Foam locks in energy savings by adding an exceptionally high R-value insulation system to the comprehensive building envelope. This advanced insulation may be spray applied to any shape and substrate using Honeywell foam blowing agent, Enovate®. Once applied, ZERO Foam then seals the building envelope to eliminate air infiltration, enhance structural integrity and protect against moisture, allergens and pollutants. HOUZE ZERO Foam can change the performance and comfort of every home in any climate and dramatically improves the energy efficiency of homes and buildings.

"HOUZE is blazing a trail in zero-energy building systems and technologies," said Doug Kramer, President and CEO of Lapolla Industries. "We are thrilled to partner with them on the development and global distribution of ZERO Foam, because together, we intend to continually innovate to stay ahead of the industry and produce products that will change the performance of homes and buildings."

While contributing to the building envelope by providing unparalleled R-Values, durability, comfort, sustainability and air quality, ZERO Foam is a proven leader. The product is the highest-rated foam boasting a full-line of credentials that include an E-84 Class I fire rating, International Code Council approval, and many other global approvals in Europe and Scandinavia.

"Today's consumers want homes that are energy efficient, long lasting, safe and comfortable to live in," said Laura Reinhard, global marketing manager, Honeywell Spray Foam. "Many architects, builders and homeowners are turning to closed-cell spray polyurethane foam (ccSPF) formulated with a Honeywell foam blowing agent as the preferred insulation and air sealant for residential construction and renovations.  Using ccSPF, like HOUZE ZERO Foam, can improve energy efficiency through its air sealing and insulation properties."

Enabling continuous improvement for future generations of ZERO Foam, HOUZE Labs is currently working hand-in-hand with Lapolla and Honeywell on research and development of cutting-edge insulation technologies. By collaborating with industry leaders, HOUZE will continue to evolve and remain the leading system of systems on the market.

"All spray foams are not equal," said David Goswick, CEO and Co-Founder of HOUZE Advanced Building Science Inc. "We carefully researched energy efficient insulation options and found Lapolla's closed-cell foam combined with Honeywell's blowing agent to be unmatched anywhere. HOUZE Zero Foam is now available in markets around the world. "

Recently featured on Bloomberg TV's new show, Brink, HOUZE's ZERO Foam is used in construction of the company's advanced, affordable zero-energy homes. With ZERO Foam, HOUZE homes' innovative building envelope performs like a thermos, ensuring the homes meet the highest energy efficiency standards while creating a safer, stronger structure. HOUZE homes currently have earned a HERS rating of 44, based on the structure alone. With the addition of HOUZE's advanced power-generating technologies, HOUZE homes will achieve a HERS rating of 0 making them the most energy-efficient homes on the market.

About Lapolla Industries, Inc.
Lapolla Industries, Inc. is a leading manufacturer and supplier of spray polyurethane foam for insulation and coatings targeting commercial and residential applications in the building envelope construction industries for energy savings.

HOUZE® Advanced Building Science Inc. (HOUZE®) is a privately owned investment company with subsidiary companies specializing in the commercialization of advanced building technologies, hybrid on-site power generation, energy management, nano-technology and real estate.

The company's products and services are marketed under Federal Registered Trademark and brand name "HOUZE®". The "ZE" stands for zero energy. HOUZE and its strategic partners are accelerating the transformation of the residential and commercial building industry from being one of the largest consumers of energy to zero energy buildings that consume less energy, efficiently produce on-site energy and leave a near zero carbon footprint on the environment. For more information, visit and

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