Insuline Medical to Receive Funding from Israel's Chief Scientist for Use of Its Injection Site Treatment and Stabilization Technology with Long Acting Insulin

Research to focus on the development of a new product to improve long acting insulin therapy

Mar 21, 2016, 08:00 ET from Insuline Medical

PETACH-TIKVA, Israel, March 21, 2016 /PRNewswire/ --

Insuline Medical (INSL.TA) which develops, manufactures and markets medical device products to improve the efficacy of insulin therapy, announced that it has received funding approval from Israel's Office of the Chief Scientist for development of a product to improve long acting insulin therapy.

The product is intended to control the release rate of the injected basal insulin from the sub-cutaneous drug depot site into the bloodstream by applying local manipulations, such as heating, cooling etc, at the injection site.

Insuline's design-award winning product, initially developed for diabetics who inject meal-time insulin, have been proven to be safe and effective. Following a successful completion of this research program, the company intends to develop a new product to improve long-acting insulin therapy.

A major limitation of many long-acting insulin therapies is the high variability in basal insulin absorption to the blood, resulting in high variability of blood sugar levels and increased risk of hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia events. The first application of this research program is a product that reduces the delivery rate of basal insulin from the subcutaneous depot into the blood upon detection of eminent low blood glucose levels. This will provide, for example, a tool for reduction of the risk for nocturnal hypoglycemic events for patients on basal insulin injection therapy.  

"The Chief Scientist's funding is a recognition in the need for such a product and is an affirmation of Insuline's innovative approach. The success of this research project could open additional markets for Insuline's ISTS technology," said Dr. Gabriel Bitton, Vice President of R&D. "This research program could result in a product that could make injection insulin therapy smarter, a target which was set by the JDRF as one of its main goals in insulin treatment."  

"This new research program is an important component of Insuline's broader strategy, which includes commercialization of knowledge, technological capabilities and intellectual property in order to improve the absorption of subcutaneously delivered drugs," said Eyal Lewin, CEO of Insuline Medical. "The company is working to expand the use of the ISTS technology in the rapidly growing market of subcutaneously administered drugs." 

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Insuline Medical ( has developed technology and products to stabilize and improve the effectiveness of "mealtime insulin" therapy.  The company has first and successfully applied the Injection Site Treatment and Stabilization technology (ISTS) to meal time insulin injections, using the InsuPad device. In the US the company is in discussions with the FDA, the device has the following regulatory approvals: CE, Canadian CE, Australian TGA and Israeli AMAR. 

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