Integrated Marketing Email Programs Boost Corporate and Local Marketing Performance

Latest Distributed Marketing Leadership Series guidebook pinpoints how to ensure email coordination between corporate and local marketers

Jun 12, 2012, 09:00 ET from Saepio

KANSAS CITY, Mo., June 12, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Email is the cornerstone of marketing communication at both the corporate and local level. Saepio's new Distributed Marketing Leadership Series guidebook, Creating Effective Integrated Email Campaigns at the National and Local Level, shows that with a coordinated email marketing program, performance is optimized at the corporate and local level.

The guidebook discusses the challenges managers of distributed marketing networks face when utilizing email marketing and offers practical suggestions for creating an optimal email program that benefits both corporate and local marketers.

"Synergy between corporate and local marketers has to be coordinated through an integrated platform in order to achieve an effective email marketing campaign," said John Thomson, President and CEO of Saepio. "Without this coordination, branding can become inconsistent, messaging can become convoluted, and the most detrimental outcome is when customers become confused and disengaged."

In this guidebook, marketers will learn the six steps to making corporate and local email marketing effective, including how to:

  • Deliver highly relevant content
  • Provide consistent messaging from corporate and local
  • Connect email to other channels
  • Easily create dynamic content
  • Share customers and lists
  • Make it easy for local marketers to create and distribute content

Download the new guidebook today.

About Saepio
Saepio makes it easy for corporate and local marketers to build and run effective and engaging all-channel marketing campaigns. 

Saepio's powerful MarketPort marketing platform starts with easy …

  • Easy to Build and Run a Cross-channel Campaign because everything – email, landing pages, social, mobile, digital banner ads, signage, print ads, direct mail, and much more – is all managed in a single, integrated digital marketing platform.
  • Easy to Maximize Brand Value at the Local Level because local and corporate marketers share a single platform but experience the same platform differently based on their roles.  Brand control, speed to market, and content localization is all easily accomplished whether messages are for local, national or global audiences and corporate marketers can easily assign campaign tasks to local marketers.
  • Easy to Engage Customers with personalized, relevant messages because corporate intelligence gleaned from CRM data, customer analytics, consumer actions and more can determine what content is served when, where and how.
  • Easy to Automate Marketing Fulfillment because robust workflow enables every cross channel customer touch point to happen automatically whether launched by corporate marketing, initiated by a local marketer or triggered by a customer's action.

This robust yet simplified approach to today's complex marketing challenges is in use at hundreds of leading companies and organizations, including many of the world's most powerful brands.  It is transforming the way corporations focus and manage their marketing efforts in a world that introduces new channels, new competitors, new regulations and new opportunities at every turn. 

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