INTEGRIS Health Puts Patient Safety in the Palm of Your Hand

Sep 20, 2012, 09:00 ET from INTEGRIS Health

OKLAHOMA CITY, Sept. 20, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- INTEGRIS Health is the first health care system in Oklahoma to use a new biometric palm scanner to both streamline the registration process and accurately identify patients.

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The system is called PatientSecure® by HT Systems, and it utilizes the latest in biometric technology. It works by scanning the vein pattern of the patient's palm, which is considered 100 times more accurate than fingerprints. Every person has a unique vein pattern that does not change. The pattern is so precise that the system can even differentiate between identical twins.

The initial scan takes less than a minute to conduct and even less time with each following visit, making hospital registration quicker and more convenient for the patient.

The scan uses harmless near-infrared light, which is the same as the light of a TV remote control. The advanced algorithm processes the patient's vein pattern to create an encrypted and protected digital file that is linked to their unique medical record.

In case of an emergency situation, say the patient is unable to register on their own due to being unconscious or in pain, the palm scanners can easily pull the necessary electronic medical records in order to best treat that patient.

INTEGRIS Canadian Valley Hospital in Yukon is the first INTEGRIS facility to use the PatientSecure system. The hospital began using the scanners this week. Officials there say they are already seeing improvement in both security and efficiency.

"Improving efficiency is the key to increasing patient satisfaction and quality of care," says Greg Meyers, system vice president of revenue integrity at INTEGRIS Health. "PatientSecure is central to our strategy in managing medical records and patient security. It is common to have multiple patients with the same first and last name. This technology helps protect our patients from identity theft or misidentification. It is another example of why INTEGRIS is the most trusted name in health care."

Once enrolled in the PatientSecure system, a patient's medical record can be accessed instantly at any participating INTEGRIS Health facility. All INTEGRIS hospitals will be utilizing the new system within the next four to six months.

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