IntelliCell BioSciences Announces Collaboration to Develop Closed Processing System for Cell Therapy Manufacturing

Jan 21, 2015, 13:21 ET from IntelliCell BioSciences, Inc.

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NEW YORK, Jan. 21, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- IntelliCell BioSciences, Inc. ("IntelliCell" or the "Company") (OTCQB: SVFC), a regenerative medicine company utilizing adult autologous stromal vascular fraction cells (SVFCs) derived from the blood vessels found in adipose tissue, announced today an agreement for the development of a new closed processing system (the "System") for its cellular therapy manufacturing with Hielscher Ultrasonics. Under the agreement, Hielscher Ultrasonics will provide system design and engineering development for ultrasonic cavitation manufacturing, and IntelliCell Biosciences will use this system in its commercial application of its stromal vascular fraction cellular product, "SVFC."

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According to Dr. Steven Victor, CEO, "We are pleased to be partnering with Hielscher Ultrasonics and Tom Hielscher on the development of a new technology specifically designed to meet the needs of manufacturing in our cellular laboratory. By combining Hielscher's more than 20 years of process development and manufacturing experience with ultrasonic cavitation and Intellicell's experience in manufacturing SVFCs, we hope to produce a system that is patentable and makes the manufacturing process more streamline."

Thomas Hielscher states, "Hielscher Ultrasonics ( is the world's premier supplier of high performance, high quality ultrasonic devices. Hielscher Ultrasonics seeks to continually improve its products and services in order to fulfill their customers' needs. The permanent striving for improvement was the initiating step to develop an optimized ultrasonic reactor for IntelliCell's stem cell preparation."

In order to separate the stem cells and other beneficial cell types from the fat tissue, the harvested tissue is treated ultrasonically. The ultrasound cavitation technology can be adjusted exactly to the required intensity to break the tissue so that the cells are released for separation, but mildly enough to prevent the stem cells from damage.

To improve the ultrasonic cavitation technique, Hielscher developed for IntelliCell a unique ultrasonic reactor, which allows the sonication in a sterile, contamination-free environment.

About IntelliCell Biosciences

IntelliCell is a pioneering regenerative medicine company focused on the expanding regenerative medical markets using adult autologous stromal vascular fraction cells (SVFCs) derived from the blood vessels in the adult adipose tissue. IntelliCell BioSciences has developed its own patented technology and protocol to separate adult autologous vascular cells from adipose tissue without the use of enzymes. IntelliCell will also be seeking to develop technology-licensing agreements with technology developers, universities, and international business entities.

About Hielscher Ultrasonics

Hielscher Ultrasonics is a family owned business, located in Teltow near Berlin (Germany). The main emphasis of its activities is the conception, development and production of ultrasonic devices for the use in laboratory and industrial applications. Technological innovations together with the realization of new ultrasound based processes substantiated the company growth and its market acceptance. Today, ultrasonic devices made by Hielscher Ultrasonics are being used in laboratories and production plants on all continents across the world. Hielscher Ultrasonics integrates the ultrasonic devices into complex ultrasonic systems, such as wire cleaning systems, too. The systems are produced to meet the customer's requirements in terms of power, extended range of accessories and steady state proof equipment (

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