Intelligent Health Launches Evolve Diet and App, a (R)evolutionary Weight Loss Method That Works

Dec 30, 2015, 08:30 ET from Intelligent Health LLC

BOCA RATON, Fla., Dec. 30, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Intelligent Health LLC developed a (r)evolutionary method to promote weight loss: Evolve Diet and App.

How does Evolve Diet and App work?

Every day, app users get to eat a certain number of calories – a target. That number is provided at random each morning and is built off of a proprietary algorithm and method based on personalized specific health data and goals.  So, like our ancestors, each day starts with the unknown. 'How much do you get to eat today?' The Evolve App will share that number, each morning - and users have to step up to the challenge. 'How much do you get to eat tomorrow?' Users won't find out until that morning, since they only get today's number.  Some days will be easy, some days will be hard, and some days you go hungry, - but in the end users will lose weight and improve their quality of life.

The Idea for Evolve

Obesity has an impact on multiple dimensions of a person's life - physical, physiological, psychological, social and ultimately on time (ones life span is shortened by obesity). Unfortunately, losing weight is not an easy endeavor - in fact, over 95% of diets fail in the long run. The idea for the Evolve Diet and App came from analyzing what diets and weight loss methods have in common and that could explain the high failure rates. It's not the quality of the food (there are vegan, Atkins, or Dukan diets), it's not the restrictiveness of the diet (you can fast or calorie count to lose 2 lbs. a week), it's not how you quantify calories or intake (there are point systems, calorie counting apps), it's not how balanced a diet is (there are Mediterranean and Zone diets) - what all diets have in common is constancy and predictability. Every single diet and weight management plan has predictable and fairly constant caloric goals. One may adjust the caloric goal to the body weight, another allows for fasting days, while others limits the types of food, but in the end all of them are predictable and relatively constant. Dieters will know what and how much they will eat tomorrow, the day after, and so on. That is precisely what our ancestors did not have. For most of our existence, humans have been hunters and foragers and had a variable food supply. Food availability depended on climate, season, competition, and many other factors. Now that food supply is constant, abundant, and increasing, human bodies don't know how to handle it. Our bodies assume that bad times are coming, and work hard to store fat for leaner times, which promotes obesity today.

Although this realization may seem obvious, no one has ever attempted to harness this knowledge into a weight management method. The Evolve Diet team played around with different concepts of how to achieve this. The initial approach was fairly simple –making food availability variable in a way that simulates the dietary pressure in which our ancestors evolved. After working through several ideations and models, the team came up with method that would became Evolve Diet and App. The method is based on caloric restriction; the "Aha" or invention comes from randomizing different personalized and restrictive caloric targets to a calendar, making food availability variable and unpredictable, removing dieters' foreknowledge - so that dieting is approached one day at a time.

The 10-Day Challenge

Visit, download the app, and take the FREE 10-day challenge. Intelligent Health invites all to join the Evolve Diet (r)evolution.

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