Intelligent Love: Intel's Revolutionary Cross-sector Marketing

Intel and cooperate on brand new intelligent online romantic comedy 'iPartment'

Jun 07, 2010, 09:00 ET from

BEIJING, June 7 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- Intel, a leading computer chip manufacturer and innovator worldwide, and , the largest female social networking community in China, today announced a strategic partnership for all of 2010. The cooperative effort involves, a well-known SNS social networking site, iPartment Season 1.5 special edition and iPartment Season 2. As part of the cross-sector marketing, the online romantic comedy iPartment Season 1.5 special edition will be broadcast on , and IT portals at 14:00PM, June 7.

To optimize the outcome of the cross-sector marketing and multi-media promotion, the launch ceremony of the iPartment Season 1.5 special edition was held online, with journalists registering, participating, asking questions, and taking part in interactive sessions online. Sina Weibo users, members and TV series fans were also invited to take part in the online launch ceremony. Executives from Intel and, including Elaine Chang, General Manager, Marketing and Channel Group, Intel China, and Lin Dongqing, COO of, together with iPartment scriptwriter Wang Yuan and director Wei Zheng, also attended the ceremony. Intel and also announced their joint promotional activity targeting social networking sites as well as a series of marketing campaigns from Intel ZZDD outlets and .

The five-episode, 80 minute-long online romantic comedy iPartment Season 1.5 special edition made its debut today. The series will last five weeks with weekly updates after the first episode appears online. The characters in this online comedy deal with society's current hot-button issues. The program tells about the funny, romantic and embarrassing experiences of urban men and women -- whether they are successful businesspeople or young people who've just entered the workforce, tech whizzes constantly pursuing the latest technological developments in the age of the computer or slackers who spend all day on the internet -- and the stories about how they use their brains to find their true loves, and realize their dreams with the help of next-generation Intel Core intelligent computers, using intelligence to face the challenges of the world.

"In the modern life and work, everyone should make use of wisdom and intelligence to get through bad times and improve their quality of life. Intel's next-generation Core processor will lead us to an intelligent computer age for the first time, making intelligent computing as an essential part of our life and work a reality. This cooperation with iPartment aims to inform more users about how to build a wonderful and happy life through intelligent computers," said Elaine Chang.

" has been a pioneer in cross-sector interactions in the SNS industry. The website has worked together with movie productions, stars and actors, sponsored concerts and invested in and produced the TV series also called iPartment, which was well-received by audiences. The TV series iPartment funded and produced this time by is not only an urban comedy that will be well-received by modern audiences, but a realistic drama reflecting the lives and careers of people today. Every viewer can identify with a character in the story, and no matter what problems they face in their day-to-day lives, they can try out the problem-solving methods of characters from the story, face their fears and eliminate their worries," COO Lin Dongqing said.

Wang Yuan, scriptwriter of iPartment, expressed great interest in this cross-sector cooperation. He said that during the production process, the young director Mr. Wei Zheng held the production to much stricter standards than the previous "iPartment 1" and "iPartment 2," searching all over Shanghai for suitable actors and actresses. Wang Yuan also said that he believed that working together with the website to produce the series was a very interesting experience in cross-sector marketing. The series utilized a new-concept marketing method, through the combination of entertainment and interactive programming. Intel's cooperation on this online series signifies the highest level of cross-sector marketing.

In addition, Zhang also revealed that in addition to the online TV show "iPartment" that will go live in June, Intel will launch signature promotional activities in cooperation with the performers of the TV series at Intel ZZDD outlets in Shanghai, Wuxi, Chengdu and Guangzhou during the promotional period this summer, while interacting with users and promoting the TV show through social media networks such as and platforms including

This series of innovation marketing approaches, which represents another wave of new cross-sector marketing activities spearheaded by Intel in 2010, have made use of the traditional TV media channels as well as a variety of Internet resources, including portals, vertical social media networks, video websites and IT portals. Throughout the whole experience, consumers will be invited to visit or ZZDD outlets, Intel's offline high-end computer stores. "We hope the integration of online and offline resources and cross-sector marketing models will spark an upsurge in the sales of new Core computers," said Zhang. "An understanding of consumer tastes and continued launch of new innovative marketing models are a reflection of Intel's 'Coping with Changes With Intelligence' marketing concept; more importantly, Intel strives to make it easy for consumers to experience the benefits technology brings to our lives."