Interact Launches Custom Nonprofit Intranet Platform

Mar 23, 2016, 07:00 ET from Interact Ltd / Odyssey Interactive Ltd

NEW YORK, March 23, 2016 /PRNewswire/ --

Interact Nonprofit Edition solves engagement, accountability, and collaboration challenges faced by the world's leading nonprofit organizations

Interact, a provider of intelligent intranets, has launched an exclusive platform tailored specifically to nonprofit organizations. The Interact Nonprofit Edition enables users to address daily collaboration and engagement challenges and helps them make the best use of funding to work for the causes they champion.

"Interact's experience of delivering intranets to more than fifty of the world's largest nonprofits prompted us to create a specialized suite of tools for these organizations," said Nigel Danson, PhD, CEO and Founder at Interact. "We've seen firsthand the challenges that a distributed workforce can create when it comes to motivating employees. Interact Nonprofit Edition has evolved into a best of breed technology, which unifies workers in the field with their headquarters and helps these organizations achieve their philanthropic goals."

The dispersed nature of nonprofit staff creates a significant employee engagement challenge. The Interact Nonprofit Edition puts control in the user's hands, not IT's, resulting in unprecedented adoption across organizations. Users can better manage how they spend their time and resources, delivering a boost toward a more effective and united workforce.

A long term customer of Interact, the ASPCA positions its intranet as a place where employees go to educate, collaborate, and connect. They achieve their engagement goals by utilizing tools such as Teams and Rewards to unite employees and demonstrate recognition for a job well done.

Interact also supports nonprofits, including March of Dimes, to maintain accountability and transparency by documenting daily tasks, challenges, and triumphs. "Our intranet is an important resource for staff. Whether working from our national office, a field location or hospital, it helps staff stay connected to the Foundation," said Geoff Garcia, Intranet Director at March of Dimes.

Interact Nonprofit Edition is available now and is offered to these organizations at a significant discount, making it one of the most affordable intranet solutions on the market. The intelligent intranet delivers a proven solution to take control of time and resource management, as well as boosting engagement and collaboration across the workforce.

Interact - the software  

Interact is intelligent intranet software. The flexible and scalable solution has more than 750,000 users and has revolutionized the way companies communicate, collaborate, share knowledge, and streamline internal processes. Interact promotes a culture of collaboration and idea sharing by using corporate social networking and micro blogs. Non-technical users can quickly and easily update the intranet.

About Interact
Founded in 1996 with headquarters in the UK, Interact operates globally and is one of the fastest growing intranet software companies. Interact has built a strong reputation of delivering successful and collaborative intranet solutions to leading companies such as Make A Wish, JCCA, ASPCA, and Make a Wish Foundation.

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