Interactive Data And DelphX Team Up To Provide Real-Time Pricing To Fixed Income Market

U.S. Bond Reference Data Via Apex(SM) and Real-Time TRACE® Data Feeds Expand Pre-Trade Price Discovery and DelphX Subscriber Capabilities

Jun 11, 2013, 10:00 ET from DelphX

NEW YORK, June 11, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Interactive Data Corporation, a leading provider of global pricing, reference and corporate actions data, is providing DelphX, the forthcoming neutral Alternative Trading System for informed all-to-all trading of fixed income securities, with U.S. fixed income reference data and real-time and historical FINRA® TRACE® data.  This capability will allow DelphX to deliver dynamic global access to a robust set of current and historical transaction data, along with continuous fixed income pricing that can help clients to meet fair value requirements.

Specifically, Interactive Data is providing the key reference, historical and real-time data feeds that DelphX employs to calculate and validate its MAV=n™ prices. Integration of this data into the DelphX platform will enable dynamic security searches, analyses and informed trading among a broad array of potential counterparties, continuous publication of current MAV=n prices for more than 25,000 listed issues, and anonymous all-to-all trading among its global subscribers.

"We are pleased to team with DelphX to offer a wide range of our data feeds, which can help them provide transparency for the fixed income markets, validate fixed income prices and facilitate new trading opportunities for market participants," said Mark Hepsworth, President of Interactive Data's Pricing and Reference Data business.  

Interactive Data is providing DelphX with its reference data for U.S. government bonds and U.S. corporate bonds via Apex, its suite of reference data services. As a result, DelphX subscribers, which include fixed income buy-side and sell-side market participants, can access the continuous DelphX MAV=n prices derived from this and other data, as well as TRACE® data via Interactive Data's real-time feeds.

"DelphX is committed to providing a transparent and level playing field to market participants, facilitating deep price-sensitive liquidity sourced by issuers and buy-side and sell-side firms, as well as centralized order interaction and dynamic risk and opportunity management among market participants," said Larry Fondren, President and CEO of DelphX. "Our innovative technology, combined with Interactive Data's depth of reference data and real-time global data feeds, ensures that our upcoming market entry will provide a comprehensive solution for market-wide price discovery and centralized trading."

Through its alliance program, Interactive Data provides access to a broad range of data, analytics and related services to more than 500 software application vendors, service providers, trading platforms, order and execution systems and media portals that have access to a broad range of its data, analytics and related services.

About Interactive Data
Interactive Data Corporation is a trusted leader in financial information. Thousands of financial institutions and active traders, as well as hundreds of software and service providers, subscribe to our fixed income evaluations, reference data, real-time market data, trading infrastructure services, fixed income analytics, desktop solutions and web-based solutions. Interactive Data's offerings support clients around the world with mission-critical functions, including portfolio valuation, regulatory compliance, risk management, electronic trading and wealth management. Interactive Data has over 2,500 employees in offices worldwide.

Pricing, evaluations and reference data are provided in the US through Interactive Data Pricing and Reference Data LLC and internationally through Interactive Data (Europe) Ltd. and Interactive Data (Australia) Pty Ltd.

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About DelphX
DelphX is the innovation leader in the development and operation of anonymous, equitable and informed bond markets. DelphX will soon deliver the only fixed-income market to provide continuous real-time pricing for more than 25,000 listed securities, including those that rarely trade, and open all-to-all trading of those issues.

Evidence-based valuation of most corporate, ABS/MBS and other fixed income securities is enabled by the proprietary MAV=n protocol, which continuously adjusts, validates and publishes the price of every listed security based on the historical and current transaction pricing of cohort securities determined to be ratably congruent. The regulated market functions of DelphX are managed by DelphX Services Corporation, an SEC-registered broker/dealer and FINRA-member firm.

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