Interactive Spy Adventure Opens at Patriot Place

Aug 26, 2010, 13:56 ET from 5 Wits

FOXBOROUGH, Mass., Aug. 26 /PRNewswire/ -- 5 Wits, the creators of Boston's successful TOMB attraction, have announced the grand opening of their newest interactive entertainment experience, ESPIONAGE, at Patriot Place in Foxborough, Massachusetts.

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The fully-immersive, interactive entertainment experience has been more than three years in the making and delivers even more puzzles, challenges, special effects and entertainment as guests become spies infiltrating the headquarters of the notorious CABAL Corporation.

In ESPIONAGE, guests play the role of agents working for the fictional Coordinated Defense Agency on a top secret, black bag mission to locate blueprints for a spy satellite and uncover a mole in their own organization. Players must use all of their wits throughout the hour-long adventure as they get hands on cracking safes, hacking computers and dodging lasers in order to complete their objectives and escape with their lives!

"TOMB has been a great proof of concept and ESPIONAGE is the outcome of that," said Matthew Duplessie, President and CEO of 5 Wits, who conceptualized, developed, designed and built ESPIONAGE. "Everything guests have given us feedback on or wanted more of we've tried to add to this show. The plot is richer, the special effects are cooler and the challenges are even harder! In ESPIONAGE you really feel like you're James Bond breaking into the bad guy's lair."

One of the evolutions in concept implemented in ESPIONAGE is the addition of multiple endings and a scoring system so the outcome differs every time a guest plays. "There's literally nothing like this anywhere else," said 5 Wits General Manager Lucas Neily. "We're proud to be breaking new ground in immersive entertainment."

"We are incredibly excited that 5 Wits has launched ESPIONAGE," said Brian Earley, General Manager of Patriot Place. "It is truly a one-of-a-kind entertainment experience that you have to try to fully comprehend. We couldn't be happier to have it at Patriot Place, where we take great pride in providing one-of-a-kind experiences to our guests."

5 Wits plans to open their next show 20,000 Leagues in the near future also at their Patriot Place location, which will give guests the option to be a spy or a deep sea explorer or both in the same visit. 5 Wits Patriot Place is located in Foxborough, MA adjacent to Gillette Stadium and is open 7 days a week. Tickets are $14 per child and $18 per adult. For more information, hours or to purchase tickets visit or call 508-698-1600.

Press Contact:

Lucas Neily, General Manager

5 Wits Patriot Place

202 Patriot Place

Foxborough, MA 02035