Intermost Corporation Introduces the Strengths of Prosperous Agriculture

Jan 11, 2010, 10:15 ET from Intermost Corporation

SHENZHEN, China, Jan. 11 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- Intermost Corporation (OTC Bulletin Board: IMOT, which filed an application to change its name to Uni Core Holdings Corporation, and referred to as "UCHC"), an experienced 'company doctor' and aggressive 'incubator' of mid- to large-size companies in China, is pleased to introduce and describe the strengths of Prosperous Agriculture Limited Company ("Prosperous Agriculture"), a recently acquired project in Shaanxi, China.

To start with, Prosperous Agriculture sells agricultural resources with its own brands. Prosperous Agriculture currently owns three agricultural resources brands, covering three major series of fertilizer products, including the "XiDuoFeng" biological fertilizer series that mainly expands the utilization rate of conventional fertilizer, enhances quality of crops, and increases production with the bio-microbial agents produced by a proprietary bio-technology, which is classified as an advanced product of fertilizer with increasing popularity; the "Urea-Extra" long-lasting nitrogenous fertilizer series that increases the utilization rate of the traditional nitrogenous fertilizer by more than 50%; the "XiDuoFeng" compound fertilizer series that can fully meet the results expectations of farmers. There are more than 200 agricultural resources dealers and more than 20,000 points of sales in China selling the products of Prosperous Agriculture. After operating for more than one year, the results of using products from the "XiDuoFeng" biological fertilizer series in provinces of Shandong, Henan, Gansu, Shaanxi clearly indicate that "XiDuoFeng" biological fertilizer has significant results on both production and quality improvement for wheat, corn, water-melons, vegetables, green onions and other crops.

Secondly, Prosperous Agriculture is building the biggest agricultural resources sales and distribution platform in China. The features of this platform are: Centralized procurement and distribution, standard services, effectiveness in improving a series of problems, consisting of the disorder and competition amongst the dealers in the industry, the proliferation of counterfeit products, low level of sales services, and poor level of after-sale protection. By means of opening up the stake-holding, Prosperous Agriculture integrates the local high-quality agricultural resources dealers, achieves rapid replication of chain operation and brand, shortens the adaptation period of operation, and reduces the operating risks of the market, talents and resources.

Furthermore, Prosperous Agriculture exercised innovation according to the characteristics of the industry. From the traditional wholesale business model, Prosperous Agriculture has gradually transitioned to the model of direct retail or franchise chain operation; from small operation mode with single or very few categories, single-brand or a few brands only, to gradually transition to a combined operation model with multi-category, multi-brand supermarkets and small stores; from a single-function model in agricultural resources distribution focusing more on sales than services to a multi-function modern service model, which aims at enhancing the overall value of agricultural buyers as the core purpose.

Mr. James Wu, CEO of Intermost Corporation, said, "The business volume of China's agricultural resources (fertilizers, seeds, pesticides, farm machinery, etc.) market exceeds more than RMB1 trillion a year, and is growing at an annual rate of not less than 10%. However, less than 1% of the volume is currently sold by chain operation. The current situation of agricultural resources circulation is quite similar to the prior status of the industry of electrical appliances, which is 'small, scattered, chaotic, weak, deficient,' 'large-scale production, small circulation,' and 'serious counterfeiting, vigorous & unconstructive competition, lack of leadership,' the conditions to give birth to the "Home Depot" for agricultural resources circulation in China are all present. Integrating the China agricultural resources circulation channels, building a nationwide agricultural resources sales and distribution platform of the rural markets is undoubtedly a historic opportunity.

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