International Display Advertising Is The First To Market Table Top Advertising Network That Enables Advertisers To Access Their Target Audience

May 13, 2013, 08:15 ET from International Display Advertising, Inc.

SAINT PETERSBURG, Fla., May 13, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- International Display Advertising, Inc. (OTC PINK: IDAD) ("Display Ads"), is the entity responsible for all global advertising and sales for Display Points and its first-to-market table top advertising network that enables Advertisers to strategically target their captive audience with touch screen displays.

IDAD focuses on engaging consumers in destination locations such as restaurants, bars, hotels and other consumer venues. Display Points has formed strategic partnerships with an international OEM, international network Management Company and numerous advertising groups. Display Points stands at the cutting-edge of the Digital-Out-Of-Home (DOOH) space because of its interactive capabilities. Also, the network is place-based, meaning it exists in a specific venue outside of the home. The value of place-based media is that it reaches consumers in a precise location, in a particular frame of mind, and often very close to the point of purchase.

The Display Points device has a small 5"x7" footprint which allows it to fit on any table or bar and with an attractive design and high-resolution display complementing any setting. The interactive touch screen allows customers to interact with the display through multi-page ads, games, real-time news, weather, sports scores, movie times, restaurant promotions and menu specialties. Display Points' innovative touch screen also enables two-way communication allowing venues to add email addresses to their database right from the table and using SMS and text messaging to interact and communicate with customers.

Display Points updates automatically and wirelessly allowing venues to adjust advertising to fit the time of day. Content is delivered daily to the units through one secure router installed at each venue by Display Points and will handle all units at each venue.   

In short, with Display Points, advertisers can deliver their message to a highly targeted audience while they are engaged in their daily routine. Unlike traditional on-premise advertising or out-of-home advertising, Display Points provides all the benefits of online digital communication, the ability not just to deliver a static ad message, but also to engage their audience and generate leads. A Nielsen media research study in 2009 showed that 4 out of 10 households are equipped with DVR devices and of that group 91percent of DVR owners' skipped commercials. As a result, traditional TV advertisers are hungry for an effective substitute and digital out-of-home ads appear to be one of the solutions.

Dave Hazzard, President of International Display Advertising, Inc. stated, "Our research has shown that six views are required for a lasting impression. Display Points delivers six impressions in a single average visit! This makes Display Points advertising one of the most effective ways to reach customers. With an average dinner lasting at least 45 minutes to an hour our ads will be seen multiple times at a longer duration than other ad mediums!"

About the Company; International Display Advertising (IDAD) owns the international rights to market, distribute and sell the proprietary interactive digital media of Display Points an interactive digital media company that competes in the Digital-Out-Of-Home (DOOH). IDAD has also developed a location-based Internet advertising platform called Display Points Plus that allows restaurants and advertisers to coordinate efforts outside the venue. IDAD is focusing on engaging consumers with on table browsers/displays in destination locations like restaurants, bars, hotels, and other consumer venues, thus creating a place-based media platform. IDAD enables advertisers to access their target audience in venues where they are captive, out-of-home, and ready to spend money. Unlike web browsers with ad blockers, mobile devices with pull interactive ads, or TV with DVR, IDAD places "browsers" on restaurant tabletops and in consumer venues where ads cannot be blocked.  Within this IDAD offers advertisers a targeted and measurable consumer interactive media vehicle they can customize by market and venue to assure the most efficient buy.  Consumers will be exposed to a combination of informational content (weather, news, sports scores, movie times etc.) restaurant promotions and menu offerings and advertising. IDAD provides advertisers all the benefits of online digital communication, the ability not just to deliver a static ad message, but also to engage their audience.

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