International Mobile Calling Bills for U.S. Businesses Get Less Shocking

Truphone Rolls Out Three Months of Free Calling, Texting and Data In the U.K.

Oct 21, 2010, 13:00 ET from Truphone

NEW YORK and LONDON, Oct. 21 /PRNewswire/ -- U.S. businesses whose executives are regularly working in or traveling to the U.K., and throughout Europe, are being offered relief from the high cost of international roaming rates by Truphone, the world's first global mobile network.



Until the end of the year, companies can have a taste of doing international business without the fear of international "bill shock." Truphone is offering free calls, text and data services while in the U.K. through Dec. 31 on its Truphone Local Anywhere cellular service. The service also offers savings when roaming across the rest of Europe with in country and international calling rates for U.S. customers priced as if they were based in the U.K.

Truphone's Local Anywhere service provides all the conveniences and costs savings of local country mobile phone plans while eliminating high roaming rates for calls, text or data.  The service works around the globe, on one SIM card, and allows subscribers to easily port their existing U.S. phone numbers over and buy local numbers in Truphone countries – currently U.S. and U.K., with Australia to follow within weeks. No matter which phone number they are dialed or texted on, customers benefit from one mailbox and one account, making SIM swapping a thing of the past.

Chris Moss, chief marketing officer, Truphone, says, "Many people think that such a great deal is too good to be true – which is exactly why we've launched this offer for the last few months of the year. We want customers to try our service and experience the benefits first hand – it really needn't be that international business means a crippling cell phone bill – we need to challenge the status quo."

According to a recent survey of U.S. businesses by Vanson Bourne, commissioned by Truphone, more than 75 percent of employees are under pressure to reduce their mobile communications spending, with nearly 60 percent saying they make fewer or shorter phone calls as a result. The effects of this are reduced customer service and potential loss of business.

"We provide up to 80 percent cost savings on phone bills when you travel to the U.K. and other Truphone countries, and the option to have local numbers in the countries most frequently visited, without any change in calling behavior. Business travelers can avoid using complex dial back systems, carrying calling cards, or simply not using their phone," said Ken Nathan, Sales Director, Truphone. "When the business traveler compares their old phone bills with their statement from Truphone, they'll quickly realize how much money they've been wasting with traditional carriers' roaming plans. Truphone Local Anywhere simplifies international business communications around the world."

The promotional offer includes:

  • Free calls, text and data when you travel in the U.K. until Dec. 31
  • Available on 12 and 24-month contracts
  • Local rates for calls and data in Truphone countries (currently U.S. and U.K. with Australia to follow within weeks)
  • Local rates to receive calls in your other Truphone countries (e.g. often free)
  • Save over 80 percent on international calls from Truphone countries
  • Competitive roaming charges elsewhere with savings from 30-60 percent

All Truphone Local Anywhere plans deliver lower roaming rates year-round for in country and international calling when in Europe and around the globe, in addition to the free calling, texting and data while in the U.K. until the Dec. 31.

For more information on the business plans offered by Truphone and the Local Anywhere service, please visit, email Truphone or simply call toll free +1-888 883 9002.

About Truphone

Truphone is dedicated to people with international lifestyles, providing them with communications services that save them money and simplify their lives. Founded in 2006, the company uses innovation to drive convenience up and costs down.

The company's flagship product, Truphone Local Anywhere, brings an end to the pain of high roaming charges, and international travelers' need to carry multiple phones or SIMs for each country. The Truphone Local Anywhere service provides users unique phone numbers for each place they spend time – creating a local presence and eliminating the need for friends, families and colleagues to make costly international calls to communicate.

Truphone firsts include: downloadable apps that enable Smartphones and other mobile devices to make free and low cost calls over Wi-Fi networks; intelligent mobile technology that make every call local; and more.

Truphone applications and Truphone Local Anywhere support all leading mobile platforms and devices including Blackberry, iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Nokia E and N series, and Android.

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