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This Directory deals with the funding of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) by international organizations and foundations, and the joint projects undertaken by the two.

The International Organizations Funding Directory is an invaluable guide to the booming third sector, as well as a record of the undertakings of the major international organizations. Each major international organization is profiled in its own chapter, where its subordinate sections, institutions, departments and directorates will feature, along with the projects they run in partnership with important local, national or international NGOs.

Projects included are those run in collaboration with local, national or international NGOs, which are influential on a national or international scale. Projects are included in any area of NGO activity, including: development aid; rural development; environment and conservation; women's empowerment; civil society promotion; medicine and health; culture and art; economic reform; education and human rights.

Each entry, where relevant, includes information on the following: name and aims of the organization, department or project; activities; geographical area of activity; financial information (grants disbursed); restrictions (e.g. project run in certain area, no grants to individuals, grants made through a specific NGO, etc.); how to apply for funding; publications; and principal staff. These details are supplemented by full contact details, including internet and e-mail addresses.

Sample Reports:

In addition, the directory contains comprehensive index sections detailing the geographical area covered by projects, and the type of activity funded.


-Only projects run on an international or broad national scale are included

-All projects included are run in collaboration with local, national or international NGOs, or are funded by these organizations

-The directory is indexed by geographical area of activity and by type of enterprise.

Full contact details are provided for each entry, as well as: 

-the name and aims of the organization, department or project; • activities;

-geographical area of activity

-grants disbursed

-restrictions on the project or grant

-how to apply for funding; publications

-principal staff

The Directory is an indispensable resource for all those needing a reliable source of international funding for nonprofit organization Indexes are provided.

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