International SOS Launches Integrated Malaria Solution on World Malaria Day

International SOS' integrated malaria program will help companies manage the risk of malaria for their employees

Apr 25, 2012, 11:37 ET from International SOS

TREVOSE, Pa., April 25, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, on World Malaria Day, International SOS is launching an integrated malaria program that addresses each aspect of malaria prevention, control, diagnosis and treatment. This initiative will assist businesses in understanding the risk of malaria, putting in place appropriate plans and programs to prevent malaria and fulfill duty of care requirements to protect their employees.

While the global number of malaria deaths has decreased over the past 10 years, the number of travelers and expatriates contracting malaria has increased.* Malaria remains one of the world's major infectious diseases; there are still an estimated 216 million malaria cases annually and 655,000 malaria related deaths.** International SOS research shows that malaria is also one of the leading causes of death from infectious disease among expatriates and business travelers. In the last 12 months, International SOS has conducted over 45 international evacuations for travelers or expatriates with life-threatening malaria and has facilitated the treatment of many more. Each year, around 30,000 travelers contract the disease, posing a significant health risk to both employees and organizations.***

Dr. Doug Quarry, Medical Director at International SOS, explains: "Malaria is entirely preventable and it worries me that employees still contract the disease. In West Africa, some mining operations have recorded up to 25 percent of the workforce contracting malaria in a given month. Through a targeted, integrated malaria control program, businesses can protect employees, the community and their reputations against the risk of malaria."

An integrated solution
The evidence-based solution from International SOS provides a full suite of services helping businesses to prevent their employees from contracting the disease as well as to effectively and appropriately manage diagnosis and treatment of those who do become infected.

It is crucial that companies fulfill their duty of care requirements by identifying areas where employees may be at risk and by implementing tailored malaria control programs. International SOS works with clients to help assess malaria risk and create tailor-made vector control and medical management programs to reduce malaria transmission in specific at-risk areas. International SOS' programs allow businesses to reduce the impact of malaria on employee health, workforce productivity, business continuity, company reputation, and healthcare costs.

International SOS can help companies to:

  1. Understand and quantify the risks that companies and their employees face;
  2. Educate employees in the prevention of malaria;
  3. Design and implement appropriate, integrated malaria control programs that may include vector control measures and proper medical management;
  4. Ensure appropriate medical resources are available for employees, especially those travelling and working in endemic malaria locations;
  5. Advise on and implement, where appropriate, community malaria control programs that fit into a corporate social responsibility agenda.


Dr. Quarry continued, "Malaria control programs from International SOS are some of the most advanced available, leveraging our vast network of multidisciplinary professionals and the resources of our global infrastructure. Teams of medical and public health specialists - several of whom are leading international experts in their field - have wide consulting, commercial and academic experience to help businesses manage and control the threat of malaria. Through our programs, our clients have been able to demonstrate a significant reduction in cases and associated costs due to malaria."

The new integrated solution brochure is available here:

Notes to Editors:

* UK Health Protection Agency statistics
** World Health Organization statistics
*** Loutan, L. 2003: International Journal of Antimicrobial Agents: 21: 158.

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