International summit addresses gender integration in development

Jun 16, 2014, 11:06 ET from FHI 360

WASHINGTON, June 16, 2014 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Improving the outcomes of international development programs by emphasizing gender integration will be the focus of the Gender 360 Summit in Washington, D.C., on June 16, 2014. This inaugural event will highlight issues, trends, progress and challenges that inform the gender landscape, both at present and in the future.

Hosted by FHI 360, a global human development organization, the Gender 360 Summit will bring together more than 200 experts, funders and policymakers from bilateral and corporate foundations, research institutions and development organizations around the world.  Specifically, participants will explore approaches to addressing unequal gender norms, discuss how female empowerment contributes to gender equality and examine the role of donors in setting expectations for gender integration, among other topics, through a day of panel presentations, facilitated discussions and interactive sessions.

"Gender is not just about women and girls," said Patrick Fine, Chief Executive Officer, FHI 360. "Understanding gender means understanding the differences — in particular the economic, social, political and cultural attributes, constraints and opportunities that are associated with being female and male. A lot of ground work has been done, but much remains to be achieved. We believe that this forum will help significantly advance our efforts and have a real impact on the lives of women, children and men."

The keynote address will be delivered by Susan A. Markham, Senior Coordinator for Gender Equality & Women's Empowerment, U.S. Agency for International Development. Other speakers will include Vikki Stein, Director, Office of Gender Equality & Women's Empowerment, U.S. Agency for International Development; Sally Gear, Senior Education Advisor, Human Development Department, UK Department for International Development; Joy Marini, Executive Director Corporate Contributions, Johnson & Johnson; Amy Babchek, Senior Manager, Nike Foundation; Theresa Hwang, Gender Director, CARE USA; Aparna Mehrotra, Senior Advisor on Coordination & Focal Point for Women, UN Women; and Andrea Bertone, Director, Gender Department, FHI 360. Richard Lui, MSNBC host, will facilitate a panel on the role of donors in setting expectations for gender integration.

"We are excited to host this international summit that offers an opportunity to examine what we are doing well, where we can improve and how we can push ourselves to do better in addressing gender inequalities," said Andrea Bertone, Director, Gender Department, FHI 360.

FHI 360 strives to integrate gender into every aspect of its work and implements projects centered on girls' and women's education, community engagement, mitigating gender-based violence, anti-trafficking, girls' and women's leadership and economic empowerment.

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Natasha Abel
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