Internet Retailer of World of Warcraft Apps and Mods Products Introduces

Jul 06, 2015, 09:03 ET from MIS Global Ventures, LLC

BROCKTON, Mass., July 6, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Massachusetts-based internet retailer of World of Warcraft products, MIS Global Ventures, LLC, today announced the opening of its new online store at

The new website caters to customers who are interested in finding a selection of walkthroughs, applications and Mods for various MMOs, focusing on World of Warcraft. sells a variety of products including but not limited to: Zygor Guides, Dynasty's World of Warcraft Add-ons, Dugi World of Warcraft Guides, Hayden's World of Warcraft Secret Gold Guide and more.

"As our scope of research broadens, we will look to expand beyond just World of Warcraft Mods, into other MMOs to bring gamers the widest selection of enhancements to help them further their own gaming experience," explains founder and owner of MIS Global Ventures, LLC, Milton Strumpf.

"Everything found in our new online store has been hand selected by our team of experienced gamers," Strumpf added. "All products are for World of Warcraft enthusiasts who are interested in enhancing their abilities and experiences. We look forward to serving existing gamers while supporting the development of new users who are as excited about World of Warcraft as we are."

In addition to introducing its new online store, will soon be introducing a blog within its website. The new blog will be sharing complimentary World of Warcraft tips, ideas for improving performance, product reviews, the answers to frequently asked questions and more.

World of Warcraft is by far the largest and most popular type of online role-playing game. As such, it has the most options supporting its platform. MIS Global Ventures LLC provides an easy way for players to access this support and will constantly be upgrading items as they become available to support the members of the World of Warcraft community.

Strumpf also added, "It's our goal to be more than just another online store - we hope to serve our customers by providing only the best walkthroughs, MMOs, Mods and Apps to help them level up to their maximums faster and improve their experience of World of Warcraft."

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